Grade-II listed house with sea views could sell for just £110,000 – but it hides a messy secret

A GRADE-II listed home with stunning sea views and convenient commuter links is up for grabs for just £110,000 – but it hides a messy secret.

The three-bedroom house has been dubbed the 'hoarder house' as new buyers won't just get bricks and mortar, they also get the previous owner's belongings.

The property acts as a time capsule, with each room full of clothes, newspapers, old furniture and other knick-knacks.

However, for those willing to take on the challenge of clearing the junk, they could be well-rewarded as estate agents expect the house to be worth an incredible £150,000 more once it's been given a little TLC.

As well as shifting the junk, the new buyer will need to fix collapsed ceilings and damp that has seeped into the property.

The average price for a home in the area is £250,000, so it could be quite a bargain – especially as the location offers a view of the ocean in the distance.

It was one of the local council's first shared ownerships and after the leaseholder died in 2020,Thanet District Council bought back the shares to become the sole owner.

"This property needs complete refurbishment, but it will be well worth the effort," Jon Rimmer, the appraiser at Clive Emson, which is auctioning the property, said.

"It’s close to Ramsgate’s Royal Marina and town centre and is very roomy inside."

For those looking for a project, it will be up for gabs next Wednesday.

It comes after a 22-year-old landlord said young people have "no excuse" for not owning their own home.

Josh Parrott bought his first house for £115,000 when he was just 19, using money he saved up from two jobs he did between school lessons.

He then rented out the house while paying rent to his parents, saving enough to buy another one for £140,000, aged 21.

The savvy lad from Stockport, Greater Manchester, did a £20,000 revamp and saved money by doing most of the labour himself after work, increasing the value by £60,000.

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