Dragon's Den entrepreneurs criticise 'privileged' businessmen

‘They’re clearly ALREADY millionaires’: Dragon’s Den viewers slam ‘privileged’ entrepreneurs who raised £125,000 from family and used £250,000 of their own savings to build a matcha drink company

  • Teddy Levenfiche and Marissa Poster appeared on Dragon’s Den last night 
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Dragon’s Den viewers slammed a couple of ‘privileged’ entrepreneurs who appeared on the programme last night to pitch their matcha energy drinks business. 

Teddy Levenfiche and Marissa Poster, both 25, asked the dragons for £50,000 for a 5 per cent stake in their Perfect Ted business on the BBC1 show. 

They said they had put £250,000 of their own savings into the business, which sells natural energy drinks made using matcha, as well as raising £125,000 from family.  

The dragons were impressed by their pitch, with all five business people vying for a stake in the company – before Teddy and Marissa agreed to work with Peter Jones and Stephen Bartlett with £25,000 investment for a  5 per cent share each.

Despite the dragons being blown away by Teddy and Marissa, many of those watching were less than impressed, with one writing: ‘Did geezer say by the age of 25, he’d saved £250k?? Just say you’re privileged.’

Teddy Levenfiche and Marissa Poster, both 25, were criticised after appearing on Dragon’s Den to pitch their matcha drink business last night, as many viewers branded them ‘privileged’ 

Meanwhile another commented: ‘Having been on Dragons Den, I look at the journey fairly closely, what did they sacrifice?

‘The matcha people were great, but being able to raise £125k from family is privileged. Fair play, I’m sure they will be a huge success.’

A third wrote: ‘Running a £125k family fundraiser after leaving your job in finance screams “My parents were early to Bitcoin.’

‘They lost me at “we quit our jobs in finance,”‘ another added. ‘Why is that necessary to say? It makes me take them less seriously.’   

One commented: ‘£125k in family loans, quitting your job in finance before the age of 25 and having the name ‘Teddy Levenfish’ shouts “My parents are rich af”‘.

Appearing on the programme, Marisa said: ‘there’s a massive opportunity in the natural energy drink sector. We want to ride the wave and be at the front.’

Teddy said: ‘Everything we do, we’re figuring out on the fly, because we have  no food or drink experience. 

‘It’s been a super challenging journey but we’re excited for what’s to come.’ 

Many viewers were left unimpressed by the pair, with one saying they were ‘clearly already millionaires’ and ‘faced no questions’ 

Entering the den, Teddy explained they are the founders of Perfect Ted ‘the brand on a mission to spread positive energy.’

He said they were looking for £50,000 for a five per cent stake in their business.

Marisa explained: ‘For years, I’ve struggled with ADHD and anxiety, which was particularly challenging while studying at university in the US.

‘I would consume copious amounts of coffee and energy drinks to get me through long study days. But the caffeine gave me jitters, crashes and exacerbates my anxiety symptoms.

‘That’s when I discovered matcha, a powdered Japanese green tea which offers slow release energy.

‘I was hooked so naturally I recommended it to everyone, including Teddy.’

Teddy explained there was a barrier however – because people didn’t like the flavour or how long it took to whip up a matcha drink. 

After Marisa moved to London in 2022, Teddy said they quit their jobs in finance and created the UK’s first matcha powdered energy drinks, flavoured with real fruit

After Marisa moved to London in 2022, Teddy said they ‘quit their jobs in finance and created the UK’s first matcha powdered energy drinks, flavoured with real fruit.’

Stephen Bartlett started by asking how old the pair were, before Marisa said they were working full time on the business. 

Marisa explained she is the CEO and also oversees the marketing and branding, while Teddy is in charge of the operations.

Teddy explained they’d financed the business largely on their own, saying: ‘Today we’ve put £245,000 into the business, £125,000 of directors loans and £125,000 from family members.’

When Stephen asked where they had got their money from, Teddy said: ‘We both worked in the US  before. 

‘While I was there I was investing, because I knew I wanted to do something entrepreneurial. I knew I needed to save up to go and do something.’

The dragons were impressed by the pair’s ambition and ultimately they received five offers. The pair accepted to work with Peter Jones (pictured) and Stephen Bartlett 

Meanwhile the pair also said they were hugely determined to make the brand a success, with Marisa saying she hoped the label would be a household brand across a number of different countries. 

The dragons were impressed by the pair’s ambition, with Sara Davies saying she felt five per cent in the business wasn’t enough – and instead offering all the money for 10 per cent. 

Stephen, Peter and Touker all said they would match the offer. But Deborah said she would offer all the money for 7.5 per cent.

Teddy asked if Stephen and Peter would each put in £25,000 for five per cent of the business. Both businessmen said they would love to accept. 

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