Despite Bankruptcy, Casa Bonita Refuses To Sell Restaurant To South Park Creators

The restaurant Casa Bonita, widely beloved by the locals of Colorado, was the back drop of several South Park episodes. Though the restaurant’s been feeding people ever since the the early ’70s, it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy back in April.

The creators of the iconic adult cartoon, Matt Stone and Trey Parker have swooped in to save the establishment by attempting to purchase it. Unfortunately for them, it looks like Casa Bonita isn’t for sale.

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Summit Family Restaurants, the company which owns the restaurant filled for Chapter 11 protection on April 6th. This was mainly due to the lack of steady business brought on by the pandemic. According to Denver 7, Summit Family Restaurants is currently looking at “noncontingent liquated debts below $7.5 million.”

Casa Bonita’s received a great deal of publicity from the creators in the past. The Mexican restaurant first appeared in a South Park episode in 2003, as well as being a setting within the franchise’s video game South Park: The Fractured but Whole which was released in 2017.

So when news came out of the restaurant being under bankruptcy, the show’s creators were more than willing to spring into action.

“We are absolutely trying to buy it. We are going to do everything we can,” co creator, Trey Parker told the Hollywood Reporter, “We want to make it right and make it amazing.”

The creators went on to discuss the changes they intend to make to Casa Bonita should they be successful in their plans of buying.

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“For a moment when it was like, ‘Casa Bonita is going to close down,’ we said,” Parker went on, “‘We’re going to go buy it.’ And I felt like it was the crowning achievement of my life.”

Though they may have to wait awhile before getting too excited because, according to Summit, the restaurants not for sale.

Summit Family Restaurants informed TMZ that they’ve received several proposals from people looking to buy the popular Mexican spot. Though they’re not taking any into considering at the moment, even in light of filling for bankruptcy. They intend to get back up and running the minute that they’ve squared away their financial setbacks.

Parker and Stone have actually been throwing around the idea of buying Casa Bonita for a few years now – apparently ever since 2016. But, while they may not be able to carry out their plans anytime soon, that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to purchase the establishment in the future.

A representative at Summit told TMZ that, if Casa Bonita ever does go up for sale, the creators will be one of the first people considered to be considered as its new owners.

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