Dedicated pupil has never missed a single day of primary or secondary school

A teenager has completed her entire primary and secondary education without missing a single day.

Paris Glover, 16, has also never been late to Archbishop Sentamu Academy and Stockwell Primary School in Hull.

Even when she has been ill, Paris has never felt like she needed to take a day off.

"My parents are my motivation. If it was not for them I would have given up straight away but there is no point in just giving up," she told Hull Daily Mail .

"In primary I used to really like school and I did it one year not having a day off and it is just something I have kept up with.

"I liked primary school more than I liked secondary. I think it is less important and less stressful and you can just chillax in primary, but secondary is more uptight.

"If I feel ill I go to school and I feel better. I don’t feel bad when I’m at school."

The dedicated teenager, of Greatfield, Hull, is expected to achieve mostly 4 to 5 grades in her GCSE’s, with 5 to 6’s in photography and drama.

She intends to go to college and possibly join the armed forces as a combat medic.

The pupil continued: "Geography is one of my favourite subjects because my teacher Mr Greenhough is really good.

"I also enjoy photography, Mr Capper used to be my form teacher and he is head of photographer and also a good teacher. I also like English and I do cadets and drama after-school.

"I want to go into public services. I really want to go in the army one day as a combat medic and then become a paramedic when I come out.

"I want to do stuff like forensic science and work in a psychiatric hospital trying to people through their struggles.

"But I want to go into the army first to get my confidence up and work from there."

Paris' father, John Manolasses, said: "It is a great achievement. I said to her if you can do it one year you can do it another and keep going. The more you go to school the more you learn.

"I don’t think they will see kids like her again and I don’t just mean with her going to school I mean with her commitment with going to school.

"There was one day where her mum said she had to get up for school and Paris thought it was time to go.

"As she was heading to school there was no children and she thought she was late and started running.

"By the time she got through the school gates the caretaker said to her ‘you do know it is only seven o’clock’. She arrived one hour and 40 minutes before she was meant to be there. She never realised."

Archbishop Sentamu Academy Principal Chay Bell described Paris’ 100% attendance record as a "fantastic achievement".

He said: "To achieve 100 per cent attendance throughout your time in school is a fantastic achievement.

"It shows your commitment and fortitude. Studies show that good attendance, more often than not, lead to excellent outcomes.  

"We are all incredibly proud of Paris at the Academy and look forward to having many more students with 100 per cent in the coming years. Her family are rightly sharing her story with the city of Hull."

Christy Coulter has been the headteacher at Stockwell Primary School for nine years and has fond memories of Paris’ ‘unique’ attendance record in primary school and was not surprised she managed to keep it going.

He said: “I remember the occasion well, we marked it by buying Paris a bike. It is not something we have done before or since.

“It is one of those unique achievements and I am not surprised she has carried it on.

“She was a lovely child, always happy. A very determined individual and this is part of her character. She was strongly supported by her family who were always proud of her achievements.

“It is quite difficult to not be off because children get ill and it is part of growing up. Children need to build up that resilience and she is a great example to children to keep on going.

“I’m really proud and Paris’ achievement reflects on the whole community of Greatfield and east Hull.”

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