Could Robert Pattinson Be The Best Batman Ever?

It’s official. Robert Pattinson will play the role of the Caped Crusader in Matt Reeves’ upcoming film, The Batman. The movie is the first part of a trilogy and the decision to cast Pattinson has drawn criticism from many fans. Although Pattinson may not be everyone’s first choice to play Batman, there is a chance the Twilight alum could be the best incarnation of the character to appear on the big screens.

Fans react to Robert Pattinson’s new role

Rumors surrounding the new Batman movie have circulated for months, but producers finally confirmed Pattinson’s casting this week. Pattinson replaces Ben Affleck, who appeared as Batman in several films, including Batman v Superman and Justice League. Shortly after the Pattinson confirmation, fans took to social media to express how they felt about him stepping into the iconic role.

Unfortunately, many fans had a hard time picturing Pattinson as Batman. The good news is that people felt the same way when Heath Ledger was cast to play The Joker. Even Michael Keaton, who some consider played the best version of the Caped Crusader, received backlash when he played Batman back in the day.

That does not mean Robert Pattinson will nail the part, butit should make people think twice about shading him. For those who onlyremember Pattinson as a sparkly vampire, you may need to reconsider thingsafter taking a look at his more recent work.

Pattinson could be the best Batman ever

Reeves seemingly foresaw the backlash and chose to confirmthe casting by sharing a photo from Pattinson’s 2017 movie, Good Time. According to Inverse,Pattinson portrayed a young delinquent in the film who attempts to break hisbrother out of jail.

The decision to feature a photo of Robert Pattinson fromthat movie instead of Twilight wasclearly meant to separate the actor from the role that skyrocketed him to fame.

If you want to get an idea of what Pattinson can do withBatman role, watch Good Time. Thefilm has a rating of 91 percent on the review site, Rotten Tomatoes, and hasreceived heaps of praise from viewers. If you want to see how much Pattinsonhas grown as an actor, his recent movie with Willem Dafoe, titled The Lighthouse, is another one worthwatching.

If nothing else, both of these films show that Pattinson hasmatured since starring as Edward Cullen in Twilightand has the potential to be one of the best Bruce Wayne/Batman we have everseen.

How did Robert Pattinson land the coveted role?

In a recent interview, Reeves opened up about why he castPattinson as the next Batman. The director revealed that he wrote the characteras a young man in his 30s, which immediately ruled out Ben Affleck. It alsonarrowed the field down to young actors in Hollywood, and Pattinson was at thetop of the list. Although Pattinson qualified for the part based on his age, hewas not handed the part freely.

In fact, Reeves had several other actors in mind, includingNicholas Hoult. The director was leaning towards Pattinson, however, afterwatching his performances in Good Timeand High Life.

But Robert Pattinson did not win the role until he put on abatsuit Reeves got from the studio. Reeves and the other members of hisproduction team where impressed by Pattinson’s audition and ultimately wentwith him after a few days of deliberation.

Is ‘The Batman’ another origins story?

In addition to praising Pattinson for his acting abilities,Reeves revealed a few details about the plot of The Batman. For starters, the movie is thankfully not anotherorigins story for the character. Fans also won’t watch Batman as a seasonedveteran taking down criminals in Gotham City.

Instead, the story will explore Batman’s early days as hefought to find an identity for himself as one of the world’s top crime solvers.Production for the movie, meanwhile, is expected to begin in the coming months.Robert Pattinson may not be everyone’s first pick, but it sounds like he is ontrack for an epic performance.

The Batman is setto open in theaters on June 25, 2021.

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