Co-op deals: Supermarket launch ‘£5 freezer fillers’ and slash the price on hundreds of it

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Co-op has launched its new food deal where you can get five freezer food items for just £5. The deal is running until August 25 and is available at most Co-op stores. LoveMoney has shared what you can get in the offer and has labelled it as a ‘cheaper alternative’ to the Marks & Spencer Dine In For Two meal deal.

The £5 deal includes five different frozen food items. These include:
• Birds Eye 2 Battered Extra Large Fish Fillets (320g)
• Birds Eye 4 Cod Fish Cakes in Crunch Crumb (198g)
• McCain Oven Chip (750g)
• Birds Eye Garden Peas (375g)
• Nestlé Fab Extra Strawberry (6x58ml)

If bought separately, these food items would cost £12.55 so you are saving a huge £7.55.

LoveMoney says: “The Co-operative Food meal deal is less than half the price of the M&S Dine In deal, 50% cheaper than Tesco’s offer and less expensive than Jack’s £7 meal deal.

“If you want flexibility on when you want to actually eat it, the Co-op deal has a clear advantage,” because the food is frozen meaning you don’t have to use it up straight after buying.

While the stock is limited and subject to availability, Co-op is also offering a pizza meal deal which may be more appealing for those looking for a fresh meal.

This is called the ‘Super Saver £5’ and allows customers to pick up two fresh pizzas as well as a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for just £5.

This is also available until August 25 and you can either pick from the Co-op Stonebaked Thin & Crispy Margherita Pizza (325g) or the Co-op Stonebaked Thin & Crispy Pepperoni Pizza (339g).

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You can pick from six different Ben & Jerry’s all which cost £5 each when bought individually.

Those with membership cards can also get an extra 5 percent cash back.

The Co-operative Food meal deal is less than half the price of the M&S Dine In deal, 50% cheaper than Tesco’s offer and less expensive than Jack’s £7 meal deal.

Students can also get this deal for just £4.50 when showing a valid student discount card.

Co-op also has a half price discount across coffee and tea which can be expensive when bought full price.

You can get your hands on the Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Style (180g) for just £3.97, original price £7.95.

160 Tetley Original Tea Bags were originally £5.65 but are now just £2.82.

These drink offers are running until August 18 subject to availability.

Other deals include a 3 for 2 deal across their whole picnic food range as well discounts on wine, cooking sauces and ‘Fresh 3’ fruit and vegetable discounts including tomatoes, sweetcorn and nectarines.

MoneySavingExpert says: “There are always ways to save money at Co-op, so even if there isn’t a cracking deal out there that works for you, don’t assume you can’t cut your costs further.

“Ways to save include:

Supermarket coupons. Make sure you check out our supermarket coupons page to save on your shopping.

Compare the cost of your trolley. Compare the cost of your shopping at the major online supermarkets with MySupermarket*. Prices are often reflected in stores, so it’s worth doing a check to see if any are cheaper than the Co-op for you.

Take the Downshift Challenge. The phrasing and promotional language used in shops hypnotises us into thinking the most costly is best. While the packaging looks more opulent, look beneath to the actual product you’re getting and sometimes you won’t be able to tell the difference (often it’s even made in the same factory). Take our Downshift Challenge.

Time trips right to bag huge yellow sticker discounts. If you spot a yellow sticker discount – fantastic. Grab it and use it quickly as it’s a saving on perfectly good nosh. See when Co-op normally reduces its produce in our Cheap Supermarket Shopping guide.

Check out similar retailers, eg, Asda, Sainsbury’s and the other major supermarkets. If you’re not committed to buying from Co-op, check out our deals from Asda, Aldi, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Lidl and Waitrose, where they may have a better offer.”

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