Capricorn 2022 yearly horoscope: What the reliable earth sign can expect from 2022

Horoscopes: Expert offers advice to This Morning callers

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Capricorns are known for being sensible, hardworking and successful in their careers, but if this persona takes over their whole life then they can be quite unhappy. 2022 is all about finding a middle ground and making sure you’re chasing goals in a healthier way. chatted to Lesley Francis (@lesley.francis on Instagram), a practising astrologer, author and host of the Coloring Outside the Box podcast, to find out the Capricorn 2022 yearly horoscope.

Overall Theme of 2022

As always, the hard work never seems to end for you Capricorn.

The key here is to recognise the difference between applying all your skills and abilities to the task at hand and making a mountain out of a molehill to satisfy your inner belief that everything needs to be a struggle.

“If you are able to do that, 2022 offers you the chance to celebrate your innate capacity to get the job done with ease and grace, rather than a testament to how many obstacles you can overcome.

“The former is much more satisfying while the latter is a total drain, leaving you unable to appreciate your accomplishments”

Be careful not to get stuck in details in 2022, Capricorn.

You should always be open to seeing the bigger picture, but most of the time you’re fixated on small things.

On top of that, Lesley warned: “If life threatens to bog you down, call on your inner resourcefulness.

“Certainly, the last two years have pushed you outside your comfort zone.

“However, they have also revealed the truth that you can always count on who you are on the inside.

“You now know it’s the being who you are that gets you through, not what you do.”


You find yourself strangely dissatisfied with your relationships in 2022, Capricorn… and you can’t quite put your finger on why.

According to Lesley, it really isn’t anything external. It’s more about how you are changing your connection to yourself.

The astrologer said: “This kind of deep inner change always makes you feel more than a little uncomfortable because it’s not anything that is quantifiable or logical. It just is. As a result, you look for a place to put all that discomfort.

“That won’t work in 2022, partly because you do know it’s not about anyone else and partly because you find that the people in your world simply aren’t in the mood to accept or take responsibility for what you are dishing out.

“The gift in this is awakening a desire in you to be more present for yourself in all the ways it is to be human.

“Not just the take charge, get the job done part of you that you know so well, but the more sensitive, receptive part that wants to be valued for being, not just doing.

“In turn, this changes the overall complexion of your relationships in profound and positive ways.

“Being happier with yourself makes it so much easy to be with others because you are being yourself rather than being your responsibilities.”

Success and Money

Money and success are two of your biggest priorities Capricorn, it’s in your nature.

Luckily for you, some new doors will be opening this year that could lead to long-term success.

Lesley said: “Just remember these opportunities demand you are ready to leave behind old ways of looking at yourself and the world.

“There is a huge creative shift going on inside you that seeks a new path to success and abundance.

“And not just financial abundance but practical, emotional and spiritual satisfaction.

“That probably seems like a tall order. However, you are already engaged in the process whether you are aware of it or not.”

You feel as if you are dealing with the law of diminishing returns in your career.

You know something else is calling to you, but you aren’t what that is.

Lesley said: “2022 presents you with a lot of aha moments which inspire you and show you at least two new directions you could potentially choose. Enjoy this, rather than worrying about making a decision.

“After all, that decision is not likely to be as logic-based as you expect. This is where your intuition takes over. Listen to it.”

Pitfalls and Potential Problems

Capricorn, trying to fit your life into a logical, practical framework this year simply won’t work.

This year is truly about your inner life and how to use all the resources that exist there to shift your life into a healthier, more well-rounded expression of who you are.

Lesley said: “You like to simplify things, often to distract yourself, because you believe that makes life easier and safer.

“However, that can lead to a life without colour, texture and joy. This is not your intention, but it is often the result when you truly don’t trust yourself to handle what comes your way.

“So, in 2022, you need to truly trust yourself and all those deep inner resources you have but can’t always see, to not just survive change but to use it to thrive.”

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