Brits say it’s ‘tragic’ to go clubbing in your 30s – but not everyone agrees

Can you be "too old" to go clubbing?

While people enjoy a night on the town at any age, some feel out of place when they're decades older than boozy students and twenty-somethings.

A recent survey of 5,000 adults showed people think it's "tragic" to go on wild nights out when you're aged 37 or older.

Some of the responses claimed you should stop clubbing even sooner, at 34 or late 20s.

And one bloke even said you should never bother in the first place!

When do you think people should stop clubbing? Tell us in the comments section…

Following the LadBible survey, others insisted age shouldn't come into it.

One person wrote: "My friend Derek is slowing down a bit on his partying at 83. He now just goes clubbing at weekends."

What a legend!

Another said: "I always said as a kid 27 was a good age to settle and have children, put the party life behind, by that time you're too old to be in clubs.

"But, I'm 31 now. And I'm eating my words. I think you should go to clubs for as long as you enjoy going to clubs. Age is just a number."

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But another noted: "If you're above 25 and in a club its time to re-evaluate your life.”

And someone agreed, and said: "25, anything over this is just sad and a bit creepy."

To explain why they’d hung up their dancing shoes one person wrote: "I stopped years ago. I asked a DJ to play The Stone Roses his reply was 'We don't Play that sort of Music here'. I thought f*** this then."

Another suggested: "Quit at 20 coz there's much better s*** to do and then resume in your 50s when you aren't good for much else."

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