Brit female kickboxing champ called ‘Pretty Killer’ floors thugs who robbed dad

A British female kickboxer nicknamed the "Pretty Killer" and her boyfriend floored two moped robbers who stole a £25,000 watch from a dad with kids in Majorca.

Double world champion Iman Barlow, 26, and Stan Stannard, a boxer, chased down the assailants as they watched the attack unfold on the Spanish holiday island.

Ms Barlow, who has 36 knockouts in her career, delivered a signature kick to one of the robbers and Mr Stannard, 23, gave the man a left hook, knocking him to the floor.

The couple, who live in Melton Mowbray, were able to pin down the thugs and hold them for 10 minutes until the police arrived, Leicestershire Live reports.

Muay thai fighting champion Ms Barlow and Mr Stannard, a middleweight who is turning pro, watched the robbery unfold as the assailants pulled up on a scooter, grabbed the victim's wrist and stole his expensive watch.

One of the robbers hit the dad with his helmet as the Brits looked on near their hotel in Palma Nova on Saturday.

But as the thugs tried to flee the couple gave chase and knocked both of them to the floor. 

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