Big Brother All-Stars Blowout: Christmas Gets Season's Best Punishment Yet — Plus, Veto Winner

Janelle and Kaysar are alone in the house, but their friendship might also be the most genuine — does one of them have to go?

Entering the “Big Brother” house together might have been the biggest mistake Janelle and Kaysar have ever made — though neither knew the other was in the cast — but it’s also made for some really great television.

Theirs definitely appears to be the most genuine and real connection among all the Houseguests, one built on mutual respect and friendship rather than alliance and strategy. And yet, it is absolutely true that they are disastrous for each other’s game.

Big Brother All-Star Blowout: Nicole Gets Petty, Janelle Fights Back — Plus, Tyler's Nominations

With both of them on the block, their backs were against the wall in Week 3 and we were devastated at the though of one of them leaving the house so early. At the same time, it would be interesting to see what would happen to whichever one might stay.

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Right now, the house is pretty clearly being run by Cody and Tyler, even if the pair aren’t actually one of the official alliances. They are a part of a few key alliances together and they’ve definitely taken the reins of the game.

We’d argue that after Tyler took HOH this week, Cody deftly placed himself right next to him and effectively replaced Memphis — who’s playing a squirrelly game and losing trust fast — with Tyler as his new ride-or-die.

If that is the case, what a devastatingly effective duo they could be in this game. Both are savvy and smart about what’s going on, both are comp beasts and both are playing really strong social games on top of it.

What they have to watch out for, though, is shining too bright too early because that gets you seen by those in your shadow and they can quickly snuff out all that light.

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Dani Sees All

Right now that threat to their game could just come from one of their closest allies. Like Memphis, Dani is playing a game very much for herself, but she’s also playing it a little smarter than he is.

That’s not to say she didn’t come on a little strong this week in confronting Bayleigh about the Power of Veto competition, but overall she has an incredible read on the house and has proven willing to make the big move when needed and plant little seeds of doubt otherwise.

Outside of Cody and Tyler at the top, we’d say Dani is playing the most dangerous game right now. She is in close with so many different players, sharing confidences and talking subtle trash about everyone else so that it feels like an in-club you want to be a part of.

She’s also ready to take the “Big Brother” crown from Janelle’s head. But first, of course, she has to outlast her.

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Sweet Veto Victory

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We’re not sure if Memphis was playing like an idiot on purpose or if he really couldn’t see that he was on the cusp of victory pretty early on in his round, but his alliance seems pretty sure what they saw.

Coming off a week where he went rogue and did his own thing with nominations and the Power of Veto, this was a week he needed to prove himself a good team player and he just didn’t do it.

The problem is that once Janelle is out of the house, Memphis might just be seen as the biggest competition threat. And even though he’s technically in a majority alliance, no one in that alliance feels they can trust him. That makes him expendable and it’s very early to lose that much trust.

Amazingly, The Committee (the larger Commission sub-alliance) has dominated this game every week, and they got that POV stacked with their membership when Memphis and Cody joined Tyler. And they quickly eliminated the nominees and Bayleigh, assuring Committee control.

We love it when “Big Brother” tries to pretend for us at home that there is a chance in hell the Veto is going to be used when we knew there was no way eventual winner Cody was going to rock the boat.

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He wanted to gun for Janelle and Kaysar Week 1, so of course he wants them both on the block. What’s turning out to be harder to predict is which one of them would the house rather see go first.

Janelle is a legend and better TV and better at this game, so we know “BB” itself would love to see her stay. Kaysar, though, might seem like a cop-out vote when you have a chance to remove the queen from the game.

That said, no matter who goes, this is an All-Stars season, so there’s every chance that there will be some sort of Battle Back. With Covid wreaking havoc with fall television schedules, CBS is probably in no real hurry to wrap up a successful show that fills three hours on three nights.

How great would it be for whichever of them stays to hang in until then and then the other comes back into the house and then all hell breaks loose — and then they probably go right back on the block. But it’s fun to speculate.

Plus, we just really love their sweet and genuine friendship. It’s so rare to see something so wholesome and pure on reality television and we think they are just what America needs right now.

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Christmas Star(s)

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We love an obnoxious punishment as much as the next critic, but there was something extra magical about Christmas’ “Baby All-Star” punishment this week after Enzo made her his Safety Suite Plus One.

Even better, “Big Brother” just kept adding babies until by show’s end she had nine of them — with possibly more on the way. It was hilarious watching her have to change diapers, soothe them, feed them, bounce them on her knee.

But the absolute best was when they demanded she show off just how cute they are to the rest of the house and she had to walk around to everyone and do just that … sometimes in the middle of the night.

We even loved Enzo getting in on the fun, taking the role of father because it was him who created this mess by giving Christmas the Plus One in the first place. The whole thing was so stinking adorable, and despite being annoying, it’s a good strategic move as it endears both more to the house.

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Houseguest Report Cards

Tyler Crispen and Cody Calafiore are running this house. It’s going to take someone outside of their alliance(s) to win Head of Household AND recognize the power they hold AND successfully nominate them AND keep one of them on the block AND rally the votes to get them out to change that any time soon. So it’s looking good. Grade: A+

Daniele Briones is playing a somewhat dangerous game, but also an incredibly perceptive one. She just needs to tone it down a little and she’ll be in a great position to really make a run at this game. It seems as if Nicole F is perhaps her most genuine ally, and we know she’ll cut her before letting her win again. Grade: A

Enzo Palumbo is playing an incredible social game, really getting in good with the new-school players and proving himself a loyal, competitive and strong team player. He may not be in the power alliance, but we could see him changing that as time goes on. Grade: B

Christmas Abbot continues to play a strong game and we think her punishment this week only helped her. She’s always been a great alliance member and she’s made no enemies in the house. Well-aligned, well-liked and super-competitive has her sitting in a very good spot right now. Grade: B

Nicole Franzel needs to tone down her open Janelle jabbing a bit as she doesn’t want to come across as a “mean girl” (like she did when picking Janelle as a Have-Not). She also needs to remember she’s a former winner, which will always make her an enticing target to eliminated. Otherwise, though, she’s well-aligned and staying in good with most of the house, so she’s good for now. Grade: B

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Bayleigh Dayton and Da’Vonne Rogers might want to consider un-entangling their games or they’re going to be seen as a power duo like Janelle and Kaysar — minus the competition prowess. Nevertheless, no one likes a duo (unless it’s their own duo), which could cause problems for one of them. And it would be Da’Vonne, as she’s been overheard talking to too many people just enough to sow uncertainty. Grade: C+

Kevin Campbell, Ian Terry and David Campbell are in the house but doing almost nothing. Ian and Kevin at least have good social games, while David is either invisible altogether or showing just how new he is at this game. If he’s not careful, he might be the first of the three noticed. As a former winner, Ian is smart to float for now, but floaters get cut so you don’t want to do it too long. Grade: C

Memphis Garrett is up and down and all over the place, playing a wild game. The problem is he’s proven himself untrustworthy to those aligned with him. They might have blinders on now targeting Janelle and Kaysar, but once that duo is broken, he might start looking mighty tempting to put up and get gone. If he can’t be trusted, he can’t be here. Grade: C-

Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha never stood a chance in this house once they were both in it. It’s still a coin toss as to who will go home, though Janelle should be the target from a strategic point. It will probably come down to who has the better campaign and pitch and we almost think the legend will pull it off and save herself. While that would leave her unaligned, it would still be a huge move in this game. And from there, who knows what she might do. Grade: D-

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House Chatter

  • “They’re obviously working together and it was time for somebody to make a big move and I think I just did that.” –Tyler (after nominating Janelle & Kaysar)
  • “This move by Tyler, it’s just a safe move. It’s a whatever move, you know? I’m not like Nicole Franzel, I’m not gonna cry or whimper. I am a strong woman and I will never give them the satisfaction of seeing me upset or hurt.” –Janelle
  • “I am so happy Janelle is on the block. Finally, a little karma because she has been so mean to me in this house. Thank you, BB gods.” –Nicole F (wait, who’s been mean to who?)
  • “I’ve been on the block with Janelle four times in three seasons. Hell, I’ve never been on the block without Janelle.” –Kaysar
  • “Bayleigh’s not part of this large alliance that’s running the house right now.” –Janelle (but she is part of the big semi-fake alliance)
  • “People in this house go to extreme lengths for beauty. Fortunately, I don’t have to. I think the most that I do for my own beauty is some laser hair removal on my chest and back and that’s about it.” –Ian (after Janelle puts on her vampire facial)
  • “I’m hoping to pick weaker players, like Nicole Franzel, because I know I can beat her.” –Janelle (picking players for Veto competition)
  • “Well this is an absolute disaster.” –Kaysar (after seeing Veto players)
  • “I hope we get cupcakes. I would like a cupcake, please.” –Da’Vonne (speaking into her mic at the Veto competition)
  • “I should have said no … to coming. So you had a chance.” –Janelle (to Kaysar)
  • “Look how cute my babies are.” –Christmas (after her baby all-stars demand she show them off in the middle of the night)
  • “Right now Janelle is the devil we know, which could be less dangerous than a snake in the grass.” –Cody (referring to Memphis — but there’s no way he was gonna change noms)
  • “I feel like I’m playing with children. I am a very OG BB player. I don’t play a scared game. I’m used to playing with some cut-throat b—–s. So at this point, I’m gonna have to to show these wannabe all-stars how to play.” –Janelle

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