Beauty Pie Review – are the products worth their original price tags?

DID you know that a lot of beauty products are created in the same lab and get marked up loads before reaching the shop shelves?

Well, membership club Beauty Pie is letting you in on that secret, offering high quality makeup and skincare for up to 80 per cent less than they're usually sold at in stores. Not convinced that their products are really as good as the spenny greats? We tried them out to decide.

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Beauty Pie Review


  • Cheap prices for quality products
  • Reviews on each product page
  • Bonus money on your first month
  • Unused spending limit rolls over to next month


  • Three month minimum on memberships
  • No samples

How does Beauty Pie work?

Beauty Pie is a beauty membership service which stocks its own-brand skincare, makeup, haircare, body care and even supplements, all for a fraction of the price that they would usually be sold at by other brands who use the same formula.

Think French fragrances, Swiss, Japanese and British skincare, supplements, sheet masks and zen scented candles.

The monthly membership prices vary, from £5 to £20, with each allowing you to spend 10 times that price – for example, the £5 membership gets you £50 worth of Beauty Pie products a month.

You even get a bonus £50 for your first month of £5 membership, £100 for the £10 one, and £150 for the £20 deal. If you fall in love with Beauty Pie, then you also have the option of opting for a full year membership at £99, giving you £100 to spend each month.

Beauty Pie's year-long membership also includes extra Pie Days (we'll get onto those later), access to overshoot 'top ups', and early launch access to the newest additions.

Is Beauty Pie worth it?

First off, we have to say that we hate splashing out on beauty products, so Beauty Pie was already in our good books before we had even tried them out.

We definitely aren't one to buy a £50 body scrub anyway: The Soul Providers Dry Oil Scrub was our first contestant, priced at just £10.87 for members, saving almost £40 off the original price. It was amazing, leaving our skin so soft, and smelling delicious (we understand why people pay £50 for it now).

The other products we trialled were the Super Healthy Skin Daily Moisture Lotion (worth £35), the Everyday Great Skin Foundation (worth £30), and the Furturelipstick Luxe Shine (worth £25).

As foundation is such a personal buy, we weren't expecting a lot but the light-weight Everyday Great Skin Foundation is easily buildable and not cakey at all, giving you a smooth complexion all day.

You can tell that every product is of high quality, as the moisturiser comes in a generous 75ml bottle and feels really hydrating, the foundation is long-lasting and the full coloured lipstick doubles as a chocolate-smelling lip balm.

If these products are anything to go by, we definitely have confidence in Beauty Pie for selling quality skincare and makeup for really low prices. So, yes, it's definitely worth getting a membership.

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What are Pie Days?

Over the course of a year, Beauty Pie give their members four to six Pie Days, and double the days for their treasured annual members!

On a Pie Day, members can shop the chosen Beauty Pie product without using up any of their month's spending limit, so make sure you don't miss out on them by keeping an eye on your emails.

Scheduled when there's enough stock of the particular item, Pie Days always coincide with your spending limit renewal day.

Where does Beauty Pie get its products?

Their products are sourced from 20 leading laboratories which are known for producing leading beauty brand-formulas, yet as Beauty Pie cuts out the middlemen, the retailer markup and celebrity marketing, they're able to sell them for much lower prices.

Fun fact: the company make absolutely no money from the products, all of their revenue comes from memberships!

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