Andy Cohen & Lisa Vanderpump Hoping To Film Her Own ‘RHOBH’ Reunion Scene To Be ‘Fair’ To Fans

Andy Cohen felt ‘incredibly disrespected’ by Lisa Vanderpump when she skipped the ‘RHOBH’ reunion taping on June 5. But we’re now hearing that LVP may make it up to him.

Andy [Cohen] and Lisa [Vanderpump] have both spoken about her absence at the reunion, and although he was bothered by her choice not to attend, he still wants her to be involved, so there are lots of talks happening about Andy and Lisa filming something on her own,” a source close to production tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Lisa is very open to this idea, as she knows the fans would love to hear from her and see her film what will be her last episode of RHOBH. Andy is a business man and he knows the reunion needs a little LVP to spice things up. At the end of the day, she is a staple on the show.” Even so, our insider was quick to add that “Andy has also received a lot of heat from the other wives about giving Lisa special treatment, so the subject needs to be addressed in a fair and correct manner.”

As we previously reported, Real Housewives executive producer Andy Cohen confirmed Lisa’s absence from the reunion, while filming the special on June 5. It was sort of expected since just one day prior, Lisa revealed that she was leaving the show and wouldn’t be attending the reunion due to all the ongoing drama over “Puppygate”. But even so, fans still held out hope and Andy felt “disrespected” by Lisa’s choice not to show up. Fortunately, for both fans of the series, and Andy, Lisa is interested in filming a separate segment that would air during the reunion special. She just didn’t want to be anywhere near her former co-stars, so this was the best option in her mind.

“Lisa would like to share her thoughts and feelings, but not with the other ladies around. She truly feels ganged up on and hurt from her point of view and there’s no fixing that in her eyes. Those friendships are over,” our source adds. “Andy and Lisa have spoken since she made her decision, and although he doesn’t want her walking away from the show, he knows it’s not his decision and her mind is totally made up. She’s really at peace with it.”

Following her explosive interview on June 4, in which she said she wasn’t planning on returning to RHOBH for Season 10, Lisa confirmed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY on June 6 that she is “1000 percent” done with the show and doesn’t see herself ever returning in the future.

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