8 Best Jade Rollers 2021 | The Sun UK

IF you haven't treated yourself to one of the best jade rollers then you're missing out on the worst-kept skincare secret.

From rose quartz gua shuas to jade rollers, there are so many crystal face massaging tools which help with lymphatic drainage, beautifying and soothing your skin.

It might seem like the jade roller hype is a 2021 wellness trend but they have a rich history, used by royalty in China from way back in the 17th century.

The aim is to massage from the centre outwards after applying moisturiser and/or serum, running your tool along your facial curves in order to ultimately bring more definition to your bone structure.

They're proven to improve circulation, and reduce puffiness, plus they feel lovely on your skin as crystal stones have cooling effects – some people even pop theirs in the fridge for an extra special morning treat for their skin.

Once you start using them, there's no going back – one glance at the thousands of skincare tutorials all over YouTube is enough to persuade you.

Whether you're after a spiked design for an intense session, or you're looking to start small with a single-sided roller tool, we have found the best jade rollers to shop now. Let's rock and roll!

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