7 Best Hard Seltzers 2021 | The Sun UK

MOVE over alcopops, canned cocktails and G&Ts, the best spiked seltzers are in town.

Who knew that carbonated water, alcohol and fruit flavouring could create the best hard seltzers, delicious enough to guzzle and healthy enough to not feel guilty about doing so.

Having first gained popularity in the U.S., hard seltzers have made their way across the pond, with a range of brands now creating funky cans, competing for White Claw-level success.

The best bit? They have way fewer calories than your classic beer, wine, cider, and even those 'healthy' G&TS.

Simply choose from black cherry, peach, passionfruit or whatever fruit tickles your fancy, then pour over some ice and you've got yourself one hell of a refreshing drink.

If you haven't got a clue which brand does it best, then you're in the right place as we've created a guide to the best hard seltzers to shop now in the UK. Cheers to that.

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