You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the hidden giraffe in this brain-teaser – only the smartest people can do it | The Sun

FANCY putting your brain to work to solve this tricky brain-teaser?

You could have the eyes of a hawk and supreme intelligence if you can suss it out.

The colourful brain-teaser might look easy at first, but there's only one giraffe and it's harder to spot than you might think.

So think you're up to the challenge?

The trick is you only have 11 seconds to spot the giraffe if you want to be the champion.

The chaotic image features loads of different animals including elephants, monkeys and rhinos – but there's only one giraffe.


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Viewers have been left totally stumped by the brain-teaser, which was created by Playbuzz.

People find the challenge especailly tricky since the animals all look so similar and even overlap each other.

Have you found it yet?

If you need a clue, try looking at the purple animals and ignore the others.

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You can also dismiss the top half of the illustration and focus on the lower half.

Ready for the answer?

The giraffe is hiding in plain sight on the right side of the bright illustration, just above the pink hippo.

So how long did it take you to find it?

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