Woman shares 'genius' way to remove your manicure in minutes at home – and it won't damage your nails | The Sun

A WOMAN has taken to TikTok to share a ‘genius’ way to remove your manicure at home – and claims it won’t damage your nails either. 

Emilia, known online as @emiliabarlowe, regularly shares beauty and nailcare tips with her 4,000 followers. 

In a new video, she shares how soaking your press-on nails in a mix of hot water, hand soap and oil could help remove them quickly and easily. 

She said: “Tell me why I’ve been taking these little bad boys and just popping them off with my mouth, in excruciating pain, when I could have just soaked them in a little oil and water.” 

During the 11-second reel, Emilia is seen filling a small bowl with hot water, hand soap, and oil. 

She soaks her nails in the moisture, before gently removing her press-on nails with a wooden cuticle stick. 


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Fans loved the quick and easy hack, with the video gaining more than 250,000 likes and 3.9 million views. 

But does this hack really work? And is it really ‘damage free’? 

Manicurist Jessica Lee, 25, shared her thoughts on the DIY solution, saying: “The nails on the video are press-on nails which are normally a lot easier to get off as the glue isn’t as strong as professional use. 

“These would easily pop off when soaked in hot soapy water & oil as it would break the glue particles down.

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“But as for taking your acrylics off at home, I would always recommend going into a salon as you could cause harm to your normal nail bed if this isn’t performed correctly. 

“As for hard gel, these can’t be soaked off as they need to be filed down by a professional so they would never even budge if tried to remove at home.

“With times being tough, if [you’ve got] acrylics, I would get a bowl of hot water then place another bowl on top [with] acetone. 

“This will heat the acetone up, helping it to work faster. 

“Then every 15 minutes I would take the nails out of the acetone and wipe over with kitchen roll, taking any of the excess product off. 

“I would keep doing this until the nails look bare, then I would gently buff over the natural nail until all the product is removed.”

Below the TikTok video, Emilia’s followers shared their thoughts on the hack, with one writing: “I’m so glad I saw this! my latest nail glue is so strong you would swear it’s gorilla glue.”

Another said: “This works w press ons. Please soak acrylic in acetone guys. Ripping em off takes 20-30 layers and we only have 50!”

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