Woman shames Bumble match who told her to 'hit the gym & join Weight Watchers’ after she asked him out

NAVIGATING the sometimes cruel world of online dating can be tough, but this confident singleton had no issue reaching out to a bloke she fancied.

But in return she received disgusting comments targeting her weight with the horrible man telling her to "hit the gym and join Weight Watchers."

Not phased though, the woman decided to publicly shame him on her TikTok page sarcastically urging other women to "come get your man."

In the clip, she showed a conversation she claims was between her and the Bumble match where she kicked off the chat with "so when are we going to the wedding?".

This is in direct response to his dating profile bio which says: "Looking for a wedding date."

His response though: "Nah, only chicks that weigh less than me.

To which she replied: "Dude ur a gem. Whoever ends up w you is so lucky (sic)."

He then retorted: "Thanks fam hit the gym and use the weight watchers app."

After showing a screengrab of the conversation, the woman goes on to display a series of photos of the single bloke, including his social media pages such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

In the caption she wrote: "Someone come get ur man 🙂 linking his Facebook and LinkedIn in the comments if any of the girls wanna chance with this king he’s single!"

The comments sections was flooded with support from other woman who praised her for getting back at him and not putting up with his vile comments.

"Bestie what about his profile made you swipe right," one person questioned.

"I'm so sorry some men are so terrible sis, you are gorgeous," said another.

A few women pointed out that they also matched with him on Bumble with one saying "I saw him there like two years ago."

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