Woman claims she’s 'cheated at life' after coming up with free Christmas gift for her dad – but people aren't convinced | The Sun

WITH exactly a week until Christmas day, a few of us that might be starting to panic about presents for our loved ones. 

Although one woman thinks she’s found an amazing solution – after turning a Nando’s food menu into a Christmas gift for her dad. 

Trinity, known online as @trinityhill16, regularly shares entertaining videos with her 605 followers. 

In a recent TikTok video, the teen explains how she noticed the artwork on the back of her Nando’s menu and wanted to put it to good use. 

“I have just cheated at life. 

“So I was really struggling what to get my dad for Christmas, and then I was just in Nando’s and I looked at the menu and it’s got such good artwork on the front of it. 


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“So I just stole it, put it in a frame, cut it up and used their wrapping paper napkins and voila. 

“Perfect present.”

During the 19-second video, Trinity is seen putting a Nando’s menu in a white frame, with the artwork facing out the glass. 

The video attracted plenty of attention, gaining more than 16,000 likes and 310,000 views in just 15 hours. 

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But her followers weren’t convinced by her supposedly savvy idea, with one writing: “The menu itself would be better tbh.”

Another said: “What lol…”

A third added: “Your dad’s gna be in Nando's like I've seen this somewhere.”

On the Nando’s website, the restaurant does explain that rather than just placing branding on the back of their menus, they have actually put art from South African artists. 

It states: “We’re always striving to celebrate the spirit of Southern Africa. If not through Peri-Peri, how else do we celebrate our homeland? 

“Nandos and Art is about bringing the extraordinary creativity of our hoe=meland to you in ways that make people’s lives better. 

“It is our art that sets us apart!” 

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