Woman, 22, baffled after being asked for ID to buy sanitary pads in Sainsbury’s

A SAINSBURY’S shopper was left baffled after asking for ID when she tried to buy sanitary products at her local store.

Bethany Margaret, 22, from West Bromwich, was held up at the till by a male cashier asking for her age so he could process the feminine item.

She said the man didn’t explain why he needed to see ID, but she was so taken aback she gave it without thinking. 

Law graduate Bethany later made a TikTok video about the bizarre event, which has now racked up over 35,000 views. 

In the clip she said: “I have questions. I just went to Sainsbury’s right and I got ID’d.

“I bought one thing and one thing only. Pads.

“Is this a thing? Are we getting ID’d for pads now? What’s that all about?”

Speaking to the Daily Star, Bethany, from West Bromwich, said: "I made the video because I genuinely was confused that a new rule had come into a place where we needed to be ID'd for pads and I had just missed the memo – remember when people were eating detergent pods? I thought it was something like that!

"The guy didn’t explain why he needed to see ID and I was too flustered to ask him why so I just showed it to him."

Many people on TikTok were as baffled as Bethany was.

One said: "Maybe the cashier just wanted your name so they can add u on fb."

Another said: "I'd make a complaint. Maybe they wanted to know your name or something."

Many Sainsbury’s workers claimed that there is no policy in place to ID women for period products, particularly as periods can start as early as eight in some cases. 

Sainsbury's has confirmed they will be contacting Bethany to conduct an investigation.

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