What you see first in this optical illusion will reveal if you’re level-headed or act based on your emotions | The Sun

OPTICAL ILLUSIONS can reveal a lot about how your brain works.

Although optical illusions are a fun game to play – they can also tell you a lot about your personality.

The Sanz World on TikTok explained that the animal you see first in this image can help you figure out how you react to certain situations.

Depending on how you think you might see a rabbit or a duck – which did you see first?

The animal you spot can reveal a lot about your personality traits.

Specifically, whether you are more of a rational thinker or react based on your emotions.


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If you saw the rabbit first, logic usually takes the first place in your life, you like to consider the consequences before taking any action.

It means you tend to be more level-headed when reacting to other people and life challenges.

But if you spot the duck first, it could mean the opposite.

It means your life consists of emotional impulses, and you often act based on what your heart wants before thinking things through.

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So which one did you spot first?

For more optical illusions check out this image which can reveal how you secretly say 'i love you' to your partner.

And if that wasn't enough this optical illusion hides nine different animals, each revealing your personality depending on which one you spot first.

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