We saved more than £10k transforming our dated council flat kitchen by using second-hand bargains | The Sun

THIS DIY savvy couple have turned their outdated ex-council flat's kitchen into their dream space.

They did it all on a budget too, using second-hand bargains from charity shops, eBay and etsy.

Shen Outar, 26, and partner Nico Harvey, 28, have called their flat home since 2020 and always knew it would need a bit of work to update it.

The old kitchen looked a bit drab with laced curtains, kitchen cupboards right out of the 70s and a green floor.

Not wanting to break to bank on the renovation, the duo decided to take the time to hunt for the best bargains.

In the end, they ended spending £5k on the entire renovation, that comes after a company quote them £7k to refit their shelving and cupboards and nothing else.

Shen explained: "For £5K we managed to replace the sink, worktops, floor, tiles, appliances, shelving and lights.

From searching for alternatives rather than going with a company who would do it all for us, we managed to save around £10K in total."

Shen's love of second hand shops made the kitchen makeover a breeze, she found bargains there as well as places like eBay and etsy.

She confessed: "We installed all of the shelving ourselves and did all of the painting of the units and walls ourselves too.

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"Not having to pay a painter and decorator saved us a lot of money, as that would have cost over £1000."

The couple also saved over £1000 by keeping the shell of all of the cupboards and deciding to give them a new lease of life instead.

"For the countertops, instead of getting marble which would have been way over budget, I found a laminate one online that was only £350," She continued.

Shen adds: "We replaced all of the doors and cupboard doors, we took them out and replaced with MDF.

"We also have a pantry cupboard, so we installed shelving in it which matched the new worktops for glassware and cooking equipment. When replacing the door handles I found a local seller on Etsy for them which was a lot cheaper."

After that, they also covered the boiler and changed the grim flooring for a modern laminate herringbone style.

"For the colours, we went for a lime wash paint to give it that old school painted look and to mix up modern and traditional styles.

"I think now you can see modern aspects coming through as the kitchen is navy, marble and gold.

"The brass sink was an amazing addition that I also found online, it was a little more expensive at £300, but because we had saved so much on the cupboards and shelving it worked out fine.

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"I have always had an interest in interior design, the space isn’t huge but wanted to make it look amazing.

"Now that the kitchen is done we have moved onto working on the toilet next."

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