This Foundation Is the Secret Behind Hannah Brown’s Glowing Skin on The Bachelorette

We’re almost half-way through this season of The Bachelorette and while we’re still guessing which of the remaining men will steal Hannah Brown’s heart, there’s one thing we know for sure — her skin has looked flawless all season long. Determined to find the secret behind her natural-looking glow, we headed over to her makeup artist Gina Modica’s Instagram page where she shares which products she uses on Hannah each week.

While Gina switches up most of the items she uses to create Hannah’s stunning makeup looks every episode, there was one product we noticed was used in almost all of the Bachelorette’s flawless beauty moments: Temptu’s Perfect Canvas Foundation. “I love the finish. Even if you have to layer different color foundations or go heavier in a few problem areas, it always looks and feels light, and very natural. It’s one of my favorite products to work with,” Gina told People.

Unlike most foundations which have to be applied with a brush or blender, Temptu’s Perfect Canvas Foundation actually has a hygienic airbrush applicator that allows you to perfectly apply the product hands-free. Simply place one of the brand’s patented foundation pods inside the applicator and mist the product over your face to cover dark spots, pimples, fine lines, and wrinkles with ease. The cordless device is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and has three different speeds so you can control how much foundation is applied at once.  

Gina told us that she loves the airbrush applicator not only because it is so easy to use, but also because it covers blemishes in a snap. “Hannah’s skin was great for her season with the exception of a few breakouts. When that did happen then yes, the airbrush did make it easier to cover. By using an airbrush then you don’t have to touch the problem area. That way the foundation just lays on top and automatically blends into the skin,” she said.

Hannah has been very open about her struggles with acne in the past but you would never guess she’s had skin issues when she has the buildable Temptu foundation on. The lightweight hydrating formula is infused with goji berry extract, white birch, and smart peptides that work together to improve your skin’s texture and create a smoothing and brightening effect.

Along with being formulated to make your skin look healthier and more radiant, the foundation is also specially designed to be long-lasting, water-resistant, and transfer-free. What’s more, there are 24 shades to choose from so you are sure to find the perfect match for your skin tone.

If you are interested in getting glowing skin for yourself, you can shop the brand’s starter kit, which comes with the airbrush applicator and a foundation pod in the color of your choice. At $195, it is definitely an expensive beauty purchase, but it seems to be well worth the investment based on Hannah’s flawless complexion this season.

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