This Folding Duffel Bag Has Sold Out 7 Times Because It Folds To The Size Of A Kindle

Anyone who owns more than one purse knows that bags take up a lot of space. Whether that’s inside your closet or in the contents of your suitcase, bags have a large footprint. But Paravel’s Fold-Up Bag is here to fix that problem. The duffel can fold up smaller than a piece of paper when you’re not using it. One of the brand’s most popular styles, the Fold-Up Bag has sold over 16,000 bag in only three months, and had to be restocked a whopping seven times. People are clearly anxious to cut down on the bulky space their bags are taking up.

The Fold-Up Bag is a part of the Nylon collection made up of the Fold-Up Backpack, Packing Cubes, and Fold-Up Wash Kit. The Fold-Up Bag is the perfect on-the-go accessory, since it’s feather light and zips down to a completely flat pack. The bag has a two-way zipper, a smart trolley sleeve that is perfect for your suitcase, and interior zip pockets for easy organization. It comes in four different colors to choose from: Domino Black, Scuba Navy, Safari Green, and Bebop Red.

This bag is great for a variety of things. For example, it’s a perfect gym bag that you can easily fold up and leave inside your desk or car when you’re not using it. Case in point: it can fold up to the size of a Kindle.

It’s also the ultimate travel or over-night bag. You can carry it onto the plane as a personal item, and it slips comfortably over the handle of a carry-on suitcase. But even better, you can pack it as an extra bag for your trip back home. If you’re going somewhere exciting like Morocco or Puerto Rico and know you want to bring souvenirs and clothes back, then having an extra bag handy is necessary.

And since this Fold-Up Bag will take up as much space as a Kindle inside your suitcase, it’s a no-brainer pick. Plus, its ultra-lightweight nylon material won’t add any extra weight to your suitcase, so you won’t have to worry about exceeding airline weight limits.

"By packing law, it’s always harder to zip your suitcase closed on the return trip home, so we designed an effortless bag to toss into your luggage for all those unforeseen moments," Indré Rockefeller, co-founder and co-CEO of Paravel, shares with Bustle. "It’s feather-light, zips into a kindle-sized pouch for storage, and pops open into a small duffel when you’re ready to go. I carry it as my gym bag, use it for overnight trips, and most often, stuff into it everything that didn’t fit into my suitcase to get through security. Basically I don’t leave home without it."

One of Oprah’s Favorite Things for 2018, this bag is going to be a go-to item in your closet. And considering that it’s only $65, this duffel bag won’t break the bank.

You can also personalize your nylon bag for a small added fee. If you want the duffel monogrammed with your initials, you can add that personal touch for an extra $15 for embroidery. Make your life easier and your closet tidier with the Fold-Up Bag.

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