This 70s sunglasses trend is very much back for summer

From Peggy Gou to Kaia Gerber, every fashion lover worth their salt has been spotted in a pair of these shades – now it’s your turn.

Now that the sun has finally decided to put her hat on and we have, in turn, emerged from the cocoons we’ve spent much of the last year in, we really ought to up our summer-friendly fashion game.

Floaty dresses? Check. Summer-ready sandals? You betcha. Matching masks? Of course. Sunglasses? Ah, just as we thought. It’s unsurprising given the considerable lack of sunlight we’ve collectively been privy to in between stop-and-start lockdowns. Instead of even so much as thinking about sunglasses, we’ve collectively focused our efforts on covering our mouths at all costs, never mind our eyes.

But the time is now to change all of that, before styles of sunglasses go flying off the IRL and virtual shelves. And luckily for us, the trending style is one we’ve visited before; according to global fashion platform Lyst, searches for retro-style sunglasses have spiked by 50 per cent in the last few weeks, no doubt in part thanks to unisex sunglasses label Lexxola’s viral Damien shades which have been spotted on the faces of a slew of fashion favourites.  

Lexxola Damian Sunglasses

The sunglasses de rigueur are an update on Gloria Steinem’s signature sunnies; all tinted lenses that run the gamut of shapes from small and angular to big and bold. The key with souped-up 70s sunglasses is in the tint: ensure your lenses are toned to retain some semblance of a retro feel. 

But the good news is that in terms of shape, there’s something to suit everyone. The aforementioned Lexxola Damien shades, a favourite of DJ Peggy Gou and Kaia Gerber, are more rectangular in shape, while Accessorize’s Abi aviators are less angular yet also could have been lifted straight from yesteryear. Throw some shade this summer in these retro sunnies – here are our favourites. 

  • Lexxola Damien Shades

    Lexxola Damian Shades

    Whether you prefer the retro-toned blue, amber or yellow lenses, Lexxola’s unisex Damien shades offer optimal style points on the 70s front. Simply pair with a Farrah Fawcett fringe, et voila!

    Shop Lexxola Damian sunglasses, £190 


  • Accessorize Abi aviator sunglasses

    Accessorize Abi aviator sunglasses

    A purse-friendly pair of sunglasses never hurt anybody really, and this pair of aviators from Accessorize is proof. With slightly sepia-tinted lenses and a thin gold frame, you’ll be channeling Steinem in no time at all.  

    Shop Accessorize Abi aviator sunglasses, £15


  • Asos Design recycled frame oversized 70s sunglasses

    ASOS DESIGN recycled frame oversized 70s sunglasses

    In a milky brown hue, Asos’ square-shaped tinted sunglasses are a different take on the skinnier 70s shape but no less impactful. A shape for those willing to push the boat all the way out.

    Shop Asos Design recycled frame oversized 70s sunglasses, £12


  • Vontélle Acacia aviators

    Vontélle Acacia aviator sunglasses

    Vontélle, which translates from French as “there she goes,” is a Black-owned sunglasses brand that will leave you wanting to add absolutely all of its shades to your basket. Its Acacia frames are the shape we’re loving most though, a thoroughly modern way of doing aviators.

    Shop Vontélle Acacia aviator sunglasses, £266


  • Poppy Lissiman Jimbob sunglasses

    Poppy Lissiman Jimbob sunglasses

    Australian accessories designer Poppy Lissiman is a sure-fire win for those who like to mix it up with their bags, hats et al. But it’s her sunglasses that get our seal of approval, in particular her peachy-lensed Jimbob shades.

    Shop Poppy Lissiman Jimbob sunglasses, £98     


  • Gucci aviator acetate sunglasses

    Gucci aviator acetate sunglasses

    While they can hardly be described as a steal, Gucci’s gold-rimmed and caramel-toned sunnies are an investment buy if ever we saw one. Simply pair with an Aperol and you’re good to go!

    Shop Gucci aviator acetate sunglasses, £345


  • H&M tinted sunglasses

    H&M tinted sunglasses

    A pair of 70s sunnies that do what they say on the tin; they’re cute, they’re affordable and hell, they’re bang on trend. We’ll take three!

    Shop H&M tinted sunglasses, £9.99     


Images: courtesy of brands

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