The Sleeping Beauty is the latest Instagram pose that sees celebs bizarrely shut their eyes for the perfect snap – The Sun

WHEN it comes to achieving the perfect Instagram snap it’s safe to say that celebs and influencers rarely put a foot wrong.

And now a bizarre new pose is sweeping Instagram which sees bloggers and celebs alike close their eyes in sultry snaps.

The Sleeping Beauty sees ladies mimicking how they sleep in front of the camera, and it’s all over social media.

In order to achieve the pose you’ll need to keep your eyes shut and tilt your head in a relaxed fashion.

It also involves parting your lips slightly, and leaving your mouth slightly ajar to give the impression that you have just dozed off.

The pose is one that has proven particularly popular with the Love Island girls who can be seen posting it all over their accounts.

Maura Higgins may not have won this series of Love Island but she has certainly struck gold when it came to perfecting the Sleeping Beauty.

Equally adept is India Reynolds who cuts a serene figure as she poses in a hot tub.

Naturally Instagram royalty Kylie Jenner has shared her take on it, posing in underwear and jeans as she appears to take a nap on the sofa.

And Chloe Ferry opted for a similar position, lounging in a lacy underwear set as she took a bedside selfie.

Lydia Bright has proven herself to be an advocate for the photogenic shot with her grid dotted with sleepy selfies.

Influencers have also jumped on board the craze with many Oh Polly! models opting for the Sleeping Beauty when it comes to their modelling shots.

This is not the first pose to take social media by storm.

Earlier this month we told you about the sexy "booty pop" pose that is a must when it comes to flaunting your curves – and Vicky Pattison is a fan.

And it was the “the flamingo” that flooded the grid last month.

Meanwhile the Plandid (planned candid) is also every Instagrammer's go-to for creating an off-guard, au natural snap.

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