Santa’s grotto gets kids to take LIE DETECTOR tests to know for sure if they’re naughty or nice | The Sun

A SANTA’S grotto has come up with novel way to find out whether children have been naughty or nice – by having them take a lie detector test.

Shopping centres Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City hope to make Santa's life a little easier this year.

That's because they're offering children a quick-fire polygraph test to see whether they've been as well behaved as they claim.

Joining Father Christmas for the first time is the expert polygraph examiner, Paul Bramley – coined "Mr Fibmas."

Experienced in court trials and investigations, he'll be asking kids aged six to 12 questions to determine if they’re fibbing or not. 

Such questions could include ‘when was the last time you ate a vegetable?', 'have you been doing your homework?' and 'have you been keeping your bedroom tidy?'

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And in the meantime, the children will be linked up to finger monitors tracking changes in heart rates.

The fib-o-meter will then produce immediate data readings to confirm if children are on track for Santa’s nice list, or whether it’s time they ate a few more Brussels sprouts.

It comes after research, also commissioned by Westfield, of 500 children aged six to 12, found 45 per cent of kids admit to being fibbers.

While 88 per cent of children who admit to being naughty this year claim to have mastered the act of telling fibs.

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It also emerged 56 per cent of those polled think they’d pass the test.

And 40 per cent revealed they’ve been both naughty and nice this year. 

Of the children who have been on their best behaviour, being kind to friends, getting good marks at school and sharing with siblings were the top ways they’ve done so.

The study, carried out through OnePoll, also found 63 per cent believe they still have enough time to make it onto Santa’s best-behaved list.

Katie Wyle, general manager at Westfield London, said: “This year we wanted to enhance the Meet Santa experience and offer kids and families some extra free, festive fun before they enter the grotto.

"We always strive to give shoppers a unique experience and we’re excited to offer a humorous twist on a much-loved family tradition this Christmas.” 

The Father Fibmas experience is at Westfield London on December 10 and 11 December and Westfield Stratford City on December 12 and 13.


1. Covering their mouth when talking

2. Pauses that are slightly too long before answering

3. Giving an overly detailed answer

4. Avoiding eye contact

5. Distracted and focusing on something else to avoid the question


1. Being kind to friends

2. Getting good marks at school

3. Getting up on time

4. Not being told off by the teacher

5. Going to bed on time

6. Keeping their room tidy

7. Sharing with a sibling

8. Helping someone in need

9. Doing all their chores

10. Sending thank you letters after receiving presents

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