Primark beauty bargains to stock up on when stores open-including £1 nails 'better than acrylics' & Dyson hairdryer dupe

WE'VE got just under two weeks left until Primark reopens – and thanks to TikTok, we've already got hundreds of fashion, beauty and home bits on our epic shopping lists.

All through lockdown, we've had to substitute our weekly shopping trips with TikTok videos rating Primark's best products – and we've been picked up some great beauty recommendations along the way.

Here Fabulous takes a look at the Primark beauty must-haves worth stocking up on when stores re-open on 12 April.

£1 nails 'better than acrylics'

If we've learnt anything from multiple lockdowns, it's that we're absolutely terrible at painting our own nails and that we should always have a stash of acrylics to hand instead.

During the first lockdown last year, TikToker Mia Wootton raved about Primark's £1 fake nails and said they were better than any acrylics she'd ever used.

Last March, Mia shared a video where she applied the brand's budget-friendly ombre fake nails – and claimed they lasted longer than a professional manicure.


When quizzed about the false nails in the comments, Mia said her bargain Primark nails regularly stay in place for two weeks and claimed that her normal salon even uses the brand's glue.

In response, another fan gushed: "They've even lasted me through nights out – which acrylics don't do."

"100% agree," a third wrote. "I love them so much!"

In other words, Mia had the right idea when she went into lockdown with a stockpile of these bargain nails. *Adds to basket*

£12 dupe of Dyson £240 hairdryer

If money were no object, we'd have bought a Dyson hairdryer years ago – but as it stands, they currently cost a staggering £240.

However, TikTok user Katie Arter claims Primark's £12 dupe is just as good – and dried her hair in only five minutes.

In the clip Katie uses the straightening diffuser on the dryer to get her locks looking smooth and sleek in a matter of minutes.

She then removes the diffuser to finish off any damp patches once she has finished styling.

The hairdryer is part of a range designed by the Kardashian’s hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons who first launched his product range in store in February 2020.

The millennial pink styler has flown off the shelves and has been consistently compared to the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer that costs almost 20 times the amount.

Katie’s followers were equally impressed with her video receiving over 100,000 likes and thousands of comments from fans keen to get their hands on the dryer.

“I’m getting one” wrote one, with another adding, “I need this!”

A third commented: “Post lockdown Primark is going to be expensive.”

Full set of fluttery lashes for £1

If Elena Sofia's viral TikTok video is anything to go by, we'll never go without Primark's £1 fluttery false lashes again.

During lockdown, the beauty fan filmed herself applying the false lashes which looked like they'd been professional done.

She captioned the clip: "£1 lashes from Primark girls!!!"

The video has racked up over 20,000 "likes" and people in the comments were desperate to get their hands on them.

When will Primark stores re-open?

Primark is planning to reopen its 153 stores in England on April 12.

It then plans on reopening its 20 shops in Scotland on April 26, its owner ABF revealed in a trading statement.

Wales Online reports that stores in Wales could reopen from April 12.

Primark hasn't said if shops will operate under reduced opening times.

When the high street favourite opened its doors again after the last lockdown lifted in December, some Primark stores were open for 24 hours.

To find your nearest Primark store you can use its locator tool.

One replied: "Begging you to do mine!"

Another added: "OMG they look fab!"

Meanwhile, a third replied:"I buy the exact same lashes – they are well worth it."

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