Neighbour leaves brutal note after someone steals their Christmas wreath & gives them a strict deadline to return it | The Sun

ANNOYING your neighbours is a big no-no anyway, but it's so much worse if you do it over Christmas.

That didn't stop one sneaky person from stealing a Christmas wreath from one of their neighbour's front doors though.

The wreath thief took off with the festive floral display leaving no clues as to where it had been taken.

The anonymous homeowner was so fuming that they had no choice but to leave a brutal note in the hopes that the culprit would see it.

The note reads: "Wreath thief, if you're reading this I want you to know I have not forgotten, nor am I willing to let this go.

"I hope the guilt weighs heavy on your shoulders and it's the last thing you think about at night.


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"I'd like you to return my wreath to its hook on my front door by midnight on Christmas Eve, and if its not I will find you.

"The choice is yours."

The annoyed homeowner signed off with a blunt "regards" and house number 26.

The note was stuck to the front door with duct tape to further suggest some harsh consequences if the wreath isn't returned.

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A snap of the printed note made it's way to Twitter, where people shared their opinions on the feud.

One person joked: "Already in pre production with Liam Neeson starring."

A second said: "This is why we never put a wreathe on our front door.

"Because it would literally last 5 minutes and then get yoinked.

"They try to steal our wheelie bins every week so absolutely no trust in the locals whatsoever.

And someone else said: "So the person who nicked the wreath is going to come back and read this note?"

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