My parents gave my siblings fancy names, but mine's boring, people say they were exhausted by the time they got to me | The Sun

THERE'S often healthy rivalry between siblings, although it usually comes in the form of who has better handwriting or who's mum's favourite.

But baby names are usually not factored into it.

However, one man has revealed he was left with such a boring name after his parents named his four other siblings.

Taking to TikTok, he dueted a video discussing there is always one boring named child and one fancied name child.

The man revealed his sibling's names were fancy, and that he was left with the boring one.

He said: "I've made multiple TikToks about this already and I'll never shut up about it."


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"It makes me so incomprehensibly angry."

He then listed his four sisters' names which are; Shiran, Shaked, Nizan, and Yuval, while he was left being called Ben.

"My parents will never hear the end of it. I will inconvenience them with my anger about this until we’re all in the ground," he captioned the post.

Viewers of the video were in hysterics at Ben's video, with some saying his parents must have been exhausted by the time they got to him.

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One person joked: "Bahhaa!!! They were simply exhausted by the time you came along, Ben."

Another commented: "Oh my gosh, I can’t stop laughing! this is gold."

A third added: "Honestly, this could be you're villain origin story, and I'd totally get it."

Ben took to the comments to reveal his parents had chosen his name on purpose.

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He revealed: "Answering some common Q’s: yes it’s just Ben not short for anything. yes my family is Israeli but I was born in new york. I’m the youngest & only boy.

"Also, they did have a reason for this. I was the only child they had that they were sure would grow up in America. They weren’t positive with my sisters."

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