My nightmare neighbours park a CENTIMETRE from my car – I’ve tried speaking to them and they won’t even talk to me | The Sun

A MAN shared his frustration at his "petty" neighbours who insisted on parking just a centimetre from his bumper and refused to speak to him about it.

The annoyed man said he tried to approach his neighbours but they refused to speak to him about it.

He explained that their parking made it very hard for him to get out of the street.

Taking to Reddit, he said: "Okay y’all I need some help.

"What are some clever ways to stop my neighbours from parking too close to me car?

"They literally park centimetres away from my front bumper making it almost impossible to pull out of the street.

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"I am a renter and it is a public street but I’ve tried talking to them twice already and they refuse to even engage in a conversation with me. Any advice?"

Fellow Reddit users came out in force with suggestions on how the man could tackle the issue.

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One said: "Wait for them to park next to your car, then set off the alarm. Don't turn it off.

"When they come to complain and tell you to turn off the alarm; say that you can't- It's a proximity alarm. It'll stop when their car is a safe distance away."

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Another suggested: "Have a friend come over and park a centimetre past their front bumper, now they're the ones blocked in."

A third said: "Dash cam. The likelihood they aren’t tapping your car is low. It won’t stop them but it’ll save a lot of hassle if there’s damage."

Another said: "Vaseline under door handles. Petty."

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While another said: "I used to live in a neighbourhood where a guy would put cones in the front and back of his car."

And another had a more straight-forward suggestion: "Leave extra space behind you so you can back up and pull out."

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