My massive 34J boobs make my life hell – but generous donations from strangers of £5K means I can get them reduced

THEY weigh more than a stone, constantly knock over pints and cause her agonising back pain – so Amber Roach struggles to think of her 34J boobs as 'assets'.

But now The Sun has come to her rescue with a fabulous makeover shoot – to show her how to style a bigger bust.

The 21-year-old student says: “I’m so excited to be styled. My dream would be to wear a low cut midi dress that shows off my waist.

“I usually buy two pieces. If I buy a dress, it has to be big enough for my boobs but then looks like a circus tent everywhere else.”

We told recently how Amber from Watford, Herts, is crowdfunding for a longed-for breast reduction, after being told if she doesn't take action, she could even end up in a wheelchair.

Since The Sun highlighted her plight, the page has already raised more than its £5000 target.

Amber says: “It’s absolutely amazing. This wouldn’t have happened without The Sun’s help. I’m so grateful.”

One anonymous donor has even pledged £500.

Amber says: “The first couple of hundred pounds were from family and friends but the majority of donations have come from strangers. I’m shocked and overwhelmed.”

For Amber, a boob reduction could be lifechanging.

I work in a clothes store and the pain from doing a nine-hour shift can paralyse me for a few days. Painkillers just don’t work.

At the moment she is in constant agony due to the weight of her chest, and she has been warned she could need a wheelchair if the strain on her lower back is not eased.

She says: “The pain was so bad recently that I was in bed and couldn’t reach for my phone.

“I work in a clothes store and the pain from doing a nine-hour shift can paralyse me for a few days. Painkillers just don’t work.”

The former county-level athlete had to give up all sport three years ago because it is just too uncomfortable. And her boobs have had an effect on her love life too.

Single Amber confesses: “I feel that men see the boobs before me sometimes. I also get self conscious about them in intimate moments because I feel they’re too big for my body and therefore make me look silly.

“The men never mind, obviously, but it’s a mental block that I have and a boob reduction will helps that.”

Breast reduction surgery costs around £6,000 and Amber plans to raise the remaining £1,000 through saving her wages from her sales assistant job.

She says: “A friend said I should have put the full amount but I never even expected to get £500.”

Amber says she gets her boobs from her mum’s side and was wearing a C-cup bra in primary school.

By 14, she was up to a size 32E and started getting unwanted attention from boys at school. Amber recalls: “It made me feel really self-conscious.”

She says people often “judge” her because of big boobs.

Amber adds: “I’ve had abuse in the street and some men try to touch me like they have some sort of right. They see them as an invitation.”

Trying to find clothes that fit is also a nightmare, and she says: “I usually just wear baggy jumpers. I never wear strappy or low cut tops because I don’t like them so I don’t want to draw attention to them.

“I’m a size 8-10 but I always feel like the fat one among my friends because my boobs make me look bigger.

“They can all wear pretty bralettes and bandeau tops which are fashionable right now but that’s out of the question for me.

“The bra I’m wearing now looks like I’ve gone to B&Q and asked them for a hammock and wrapped it around me a few times.

“The bras available in my size are never flattering. It’s rare to find one in my size. I always have to clock the ‘notify when size is in stock' button.”

Amber’s story has struck a chord with multiple strangers – with men and women alike contacting her in droves to offer support.

She says: “Lots of men say their partners are in the same boat and that’s why they're keen to help. They understand the hardships their partners have gone through.

“Women have got in touch to say they can relate to my story. They’ve had to fight to get a breast reduction or their daughters have.

“They’ve thanked me for highlighting an issue that’s not taken seriously by most people.”

She’s also had a few cheeky messages from male admirers and she laughs: “A few men have said they’d love to date me and that they love me just as I am.

“But I have made my mind up. This is something I’ve wanted for five years.”

Here, Amber tries on a variety of looks – and stylist Sarah Harrision offers her advice…

  • Burgundy cut out dress, £56
  • Vesper Shoes, £28, Asos

Amber says: “Wow, I love what this does for my figure, it really enhances my hourglass shape and the cut-out is such a sexy detail.

“I think this is so flattering, I feel supported without feeling frumpy, I’d wear this to drinks with the girls or even a dinner date.”

Sarah says: “The asymmetric neckline of this dress offers an alternative silhouette, highlighting her tiny waistline and making Amber’s figure the talking point instead of her bust.

“The slightly dropped shoulder provides draping which disguises good bra support – Amber’s wearing Marks and Spencer’s minimizing strapless bra– with the minimal cut-out detail elevating the dress from desk-to-hot-dinner-date.”

  • Jumpsuit, £75, Closet London
  • Shoes, £25, Asos

Amber says: “I cannot get over my body in this and how it looks.

“I feel great, in this jumpsuit the focus is on my waist and my hips and I love it. I could wear this to a wedding, I think the shoes are so fun and really make it so glam.”

Sarah says: “A well fitted jumpsuit can be one of the hardest working pieces in your wardrobe. Perfect for when you want something that hugs your curves without squeezing them.

“Wearing waist-focussed staples really helps to temper your silhouette, redefining your shape and moving the visual focus away from your bust.

“This Closet London style ticks all the right boxes: playful print, tick. Fit and flare, tick. Waist belt, tick. For a little more definition, cinch your waist with a belt.”

  • Blazer, £59, Topshop
  • Top, £12,99, Zara
  • Jeans, £19.99, Stradivarius
  • Shoes, £28, Asos

Amber says: “I always felt like my chest made blazers a no-go for me. This one has shown me that’s absolutely not the case. It’s such a happy colour it really lifts everything.”

Sarah says: “When it comes to everyday tailoring the focus is on structure. Opt for a square neck tee or body instead of a crew or v-neck tee to redefine the neckline.

“Simply tuck into your go-to high-rise jeans and pair with heels or trainers to elevate blazers. Leave the front of this jacket open to show off your waist even more.”

  • Black body, £28, 4th And Reckless
  • Green trousers, £35, and shoes, £32, both Topshop

Amber says: “I’d never have thought a roll neck could be such a game changer.

“It’s changed how my whole body looks. My chest is no longer the most prominent thing and the trousers make my legs look so long, I feel incredible.”

Sarah says: “Historically, a busty frame and a roll neck hasn’t always gone hand-in-hand and yet, you can completely redefine your silhouette with one.

“Ideal for when you want to show off your shape without any cleavage whatsoever. Look for one-pieces that will keep everything smooth, style with high-waisted skirts or trousers."

  • Bra, £32, and briefs, £17, both Curvy Kate

Amber says: “I cannot get over how pretty and delicate this bra set is. Bras in my size and fit are always so large, ugly and frumpy, I’ve never felt so great in a set.”

Sarah says: “Curvy Kate’s delicate yet supportive sets prove over and over again that having a larger bust won’t ever stop you from having access to cute lingerie.

“This sunshine ‘Top Spot’ style is in their signature ‘Balcony Beautiful’ fit, is designed with ‘upfront technology’ which lifts and shapes (up to a K cup).

  • Pink top, £14.99, New Look
  • Skirt, £18, Asos
  • Shoes, £32, Topshop

Amber says: “I never ever wear pink but this has made me feel like I need to wear it more. It’s so fun and my whole body looks different. I feel cute and I just love this look.”

Sarah says: “Shirred or smocked tops and bigger busts are best friends. A stretchier option to your usual go-to top, they perfectly hug and support your chest whilst simultaneously sculpting and defining your waist.

“Look for square neck styles which redefine the neckline and tuck into a high waistline to accentuate your waist even more.”

  • Blue dress, £65, & Other Stories
  • Shoes, £28, Asos

Amber says: “I feel like us bigger bust girls are always told to avoid prints but this proves we can really wear a bold pattern.

“All these outfits have really given me a boost of confidence and shown me what I can wear to flatter my chest.”

Sarah says: “This whole ‘avoid prints if you have a bigger bust’ rule is nonsense.

“Playful prints add another element to your look and let you showcase your personality. “Don’t feel restricted by any ‘rules,’ have fun with your wardrobe and dresses in particular.

“This dress is super flattering with a squared neckline and wrapped waist.”

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