My friend gave her baby a common name but spelt it so weirdly that it looked like she’s named them after a vegetable | The Sun

SOME parents know exactly what they want to call their baby before they're even born and others spend months agonising of the decison.

It's an important decision, after all.

One common baby name trend didn't work out very well for one new mum when her friend pointed out what it actually sounded like.

Samantha Kannan wrote on Quora: "A girl who was in the class under me had a baby a couple of years ago.

"She had decided to name the child Brooklyn."

Of course, Brooklyn isn't an uncommon name and loads of parents name their kids after locations, like Florence, Paris and Austin.

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Samantha continued: "But it’s also a trend to spell names uniquely such as Brittany/Britni, Ashley/Ashleigh, Jackson/Jaxyn.

"So Brooklyn was going to be Brocclin.

"But that looks suspiciously like broccoli.

Samantha confessed that she let the mum know that the weird spelling made the name look like something else entirely, but it didn't go to plant.

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She said: "I gently mentioned it to her, because kids can be really cruel and I didn’t want anyone to tease her child.

"But she got super mad and blocked me. We haven’t spoken since. I hope she and Brocclin are doing well."

Other users agreed that the spelling of the name was an interesting choice, one said: "Have mercy. Poor child. Phonetically it doesn’t even say Brooklyn."

A second quipped: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink."

And another agreed: "I hate the special spellings which aren’t even phonetically correct.

" Sometimes I’ll see a name written and then hear a parent pronounce it and think, there is no way she is getting that out of what I see written here."

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