My friend and I are a size 0 & 14 – we tried the same Pretty Little Thing clothes, we’re both returning the same item | The Sun

DIFFERENT clothes suit different bodies, but there are some that look great on everyone.

Two YouTubers set out to find matching outfits that suited their different body types.

YouTubers Dani & Lex tried the same Pretty Little Thing outfits on different sized bodies.

Dani, who is a size 0, and Lex, who wears a size 14, modeled four looks from the online retailer.

For the first try on, the friends wore an $18 white denim dress with ruching detail and off the shoulder sleeves.

"I always size up, or get two sizes up, depending on the type of dress. One thing about this dress is I could've gotten my actual size," Lex said.

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Dani added: "Around my legs and under my butt feels a little bit tight. I quite like it. It's not proper denim like how you'd picture jeans, it's stretchy."

Next, the duo showed viewers a $19 light gray bodycon dress with a cut out detail and waist rings.

"I think it's one of those dresses that you want to go out clubbing but looked mellowed down," Dani told viewers.

She concluded: "I don't hate it as much as I thought, but I don't love it."

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The influencers also modeled a blue jungle print off the shoulder crop top, $9, and matching frilled beach shorts, $19.

"I think it's very Island-y. This gives Love Island date," Dani told subscribers.

Lex said: "I actually quite like this but the only thing is I shall not be raising my hands because [my boobs] are only just in."

"If you bend, it's a bit of a dangerous game that you're playing," added Dani.

The friends agreed that they liked the high waist feature of the shorts but would not recommend the top to anyone with a slightly large bust.

Finally, the pair planned to try on a bright orange corset top, $9, and light blue ripped jeans, $28, but there was an issue.

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"My disclaimer is, I don't believe [the top] will fit me in terms of skin tone. And the jeans I can't guarantee will fit," Dani said as the unboxed the look.

After examining the clothes, Lex said: "Outfit number four, my choice, just didn't work out. On one of us it was too big and on one of us it was too small."

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