Mum with TWO sets of triplets including 11 month olds reveals her hectic morning routine

A MUM with two sets of triplets, including one that is under one year old, has given an insight into her morning routine and it is hectic to say the least.

The mum-of-seven who shares about her life on TikTokwhere she answers questions about raising her mammoth brood.

In one post she shared her morning routine with the tiny tots and it's not for the faint hearted.

She said: "This is a typical morning for us.

"It usually starts with me pouring some coffee and taking the kids to the bounce house.

"This is a great way for them to get some stretching in and then we head outside.

"We love to get some walks in in the morning before it gets too hot. Also being outside the kids are so much calmer.

"Then I make the kids breakfast. I usually make them some toast or something with eggs and fruit or something easy. I cannot believe how much the babies enjoy eating!

"I have a quick clean up of the kitchen and also some times I'll try and clean some other rooms when they're eating breakfast too. Then the babies go down for a nap."

Despite giving birth to two sets of triplets and another baby the mum sadly lost two babies, something she bravely shares about on her page.

When asked why she attempts to go out with so many children, the mum-of-seven said: "My husband and I both work full time and we have different days off and he works night shift I work day shifts so we can watch our children."

"I take the kids out for them but also for me. I love watching them having experiences and yes it is hard but this is our reality. This is our normal, we found a way to adapt.

"Trust me three years ago I never could imagine this would be our life but I am in love with it."

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