Mum who lets her toddler son scribble all over the walls in crayon divides opinion after saying she loves his ‘art’

A MUM has revealed she lets her toddler son scribble all over the walls in crayon for a very poignant reason. 

Linzy Taylor, 35, from Connecticut, revealed her autistic three-year-old son Harrison “loves art” and it is “his form of communication.”

Speaking on TikTok, Linzy said: “We let him draw on the wall because we feel like it is his form of communication.

“Harrison loves art, he loves to draw. He is non-verbal and he is autistic.

“He’s only three and a half and it’s really cool to see him express himself through his art.”

In the clip, Linzy shows how the wallpaper is covered in crayon as high as the young boy can reach. 

Linzy’s video has racked up over 900,000 views, and many people praised her for letting her son have freedom. 

One said: “Walls can be painted over. Seeing your child express himself by art, singing, etc, is precious and priceless.”

Another person added: “He’s expressing his feelings and there is nothing wrong with it.”

However, not everyone said they would let their own kids do the same, with one writing: “RIP the walls.”

Linzy previously revealed she is living under the same roof as her current and ex-husband.

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All good? Best of luck

After divorcing Chris Kelley – father to her children Lucas and Joanna – she moved in with new man Mike Taylor.

But when the couple were forced to move out of their flat, Chris kindly offered up a room in his five-bedroom house.

Now the trio, along with Lucas and Joanna, Lindsay’s oldest daughter from a previous marriage, Rachel, Mike’s two children Danny and Destiny and his and Lindsay's son Harrison, live as one big happy family.

Lindsay explained: “When Chris first suggested it I was like, ‘Are you serious?’

“If I was him, I wouldn’t have offered that. But I think at that point he knew me and him were romantically over, and it was just about what was best for the kids.

“Financially, me and Chris still had some shared debt, so it made sense for us to pay our bills together rather than have two separate rents or mortgages.”

She added: “I think the person who had the toughest time adjusting was Mike, which I thought was weird because I was like, ‘You should be happy and grateful,’ and he said ‘I am, but this is Chris’s house and you were Chris’s wife, and I don’t feel like this is my home'.

“I told him that was normal because that’s exactly how I’d always felt. But Chris made a very good job of making everyone feel like it was their home.

“Mike does chores around the house, and they get on really well. I’ve never seen them have an argument. It’s the weirdest thing, I can’t explain it; it’s quite unique and cool.”

While many of Lindsay’s friends struggle to understand their unusual set-up, Lindsay can’t imagine it any other way.

“Some people have asked if I sleep with both of them, so I have to not get offended because I guess it’s a natural question,” she admitted.

“But the answer is no. It still works, it just takes some explaining.

"But I finally just have to say, listen, Chris is my best friend, and we have children, and he was nice enough to let me and Mike live with him. Nobody fights, so it works.”

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