Mum shows off ‘spoiled’ son’s chaotic playroom where you can barely see the floor & it's giving people 'anxiety'

A MUM has shown off her "spoiled" son's chaotic playroom and you can barely see the floor.

Viewers have said the room gave them "anxiety", as the mum sobbed: "whyme #spoiled #purge #readysetgo #ohayla".

Posting on TikTok, mum-of-one Ayla Jalyn revealed she was "downgrading my son from this giant, luxury playroom, slash patio, and moving him into my old office" – but first she's got to tidy it.

The HUGE room is absolutely crammed full of a giant fair ground teddy, golf balls and more toys than we can count, all tipped out in the centre of the room.

Speaking to camera, she said: "You may be asking yourself, 'Ayla how does one start cleaning a playroom?'" before cutting to a clip of her screaming into a cushion.

She added: "Did I also mention that I promised Roman (her son) that it would be done when he got home? TOMORROW. This could honestly take me years, I may die."

The clip has 1.7 million likes – and people were horrified by the state of the room.

Commenting on the post, some said: "that playroom gives me anxiety just seeing it" and "Wow thats so messy".

One bloke suggested: "I know how to clean it. you burn that side of the house down and dont worry about it again".

While a second said: "My mom would have seen how chaotic it was given me time ti sort it out and what ever wasnt put away shed have thrown out".

But Ayla's fellow mums really related to the mess. One said: "This is genuinely the best video I have ever seen in my life. Watching repeatedly".

While a second wrote: "Omg I have a son name Roman too. And he has just about the same amount of toys and his room literally looked like a tornado went through it."

And a third commented: "I felt this deep deep in my soul".

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