Mum reveals how to have no waste when serving fussy kids pizza & her hack to make serving up quicker

PIZZA is a firm favourite in many households, but kids and adults alike often disagree when it comes to which flavour tops the rest.

But rather than have fussy kids squabbling over which variety to have on any given night, one mum has a genius trick up her sleeve which means nothing goes to waste.

You see, rather than putting on extra frozen pizza just to give your little ones the flavour they want,the clever parent uses scissors to cut two pizzas in half.

That's right, straight out of the box while still frozen, the clever mum cuts two pizzas in half and joins them on the pizza tray ready to pop into the oven.

This way, she only has to cook half of each while saving the rest for another night – and the scissors work a treat.

But in the clip posted on the Twinkle Parents TikTok page, the mum took it a step further and showed a clever way to serve as well.


Still with the scissors in hand, she uses them to cut individual pizza slices, which is much easier than trying to cut through it once it's cooked.

The clip proved pretty popular with other parents looking to feed their hungry kids with ease.

"Cut before… genius," one parent wrote.

"Wait, wait, wait.. cut before? This is genius," said another.

Other parents said the simple hack has "changed my life" while many said cutting the pizza first makes the edges really crispy – so it's a win win, really.

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