Mrs Hinch fans reveal the 7p way to clean your grubby oven just in time for Christmas | The Sun

MRS HINCH cleaning fans have revealed the easy and cheap way to get your oven spotless.

And it comes just in time as ovens across the nation are about to work over time on Christmas Day.

Keeping your oven clean ensure it works its best but nobody wants to spend hours scrubbing away to make it sparkle.

Fortunately, Mrs Hinch cleaning fans have taken to social media to share their top tips to cleaning it without any fuss.

Ever since cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, otherwise known as Sophie Hinchliffe, took to Instagram, cleaning tips and tricks have become more and more popular.

There’s even Facebook groups where cleaning fanatics share their hacks for getting their homes spotless.


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Posting on Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page one woman asked for tips on removing burnt on grease.

She asked: "Tips on cleaning burnt on grease from a glass oven door please.”

And the post was inundated with hundreds of comments – with many advising the woman to use a dishwasher tablet.

Dishwasher tablets can be purchased at most shops, such as Wilko where they retail for £3 for a pack of 40 – this works out to 7p per tablet.

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One wrote: "Dishwasher tablet. Dip in hot water and rub it on door. I was sceptical but it's brilliant.”

Another person recommended: "Dishwasher tablet love. Soak the tablet in a bit of boiling hot water, spread it on the door and then leave to stand a bit, then wipe off.”

A third penned: "Wet a dishwasher tablet (not a pod) and rub it on the glass. Swear to god it works brilliantly.

"I bake cakes in my oven for weddings, christenings etc so it gets manky. The tablets work wonders.”

Another suggested: "“Dishwasher tablet. Wet it a little bit and then scrub it along the burnt bits/glass.

"It removed all the stains from my oven door really easily – even the extremely stubborn ones.”

Dishwasher tablets are made of concentrated dishwasher detergent and promise to cut through tough grease and leave your dishes sparkling, reports the Express.

The hard powder tablets have an abrasive surface that helps to scour away stuck-on stains but is gentle enough not to scratch the oven glass.

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