Meghan could gift Lilibet one of Diana’s most coveted heirlooms – worth over £500,000

Harry and Meghan share photo of Lilibet on first birthday

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Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor, aged one, is known as Lili by her parents Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. One day she could inherit the Duchess of Sussex’s jewellery, which originally belonged to Lili’s late grandmother, Princess Diana, according to a jewellery expert. Daniel O’Farrell the founder, bespoke jeweller and diamond expert at DC Jewellery spoke to about the jewels Lili could possibly inherit one day.

He said: “Princess Diana had the most splendid taste in jewellery.

“She left it all to her boys, the Princes William and Harry, whose lucky wives, the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex, have now incorporated Diana’s jewellery into their closets.”

But which jewels could Lili inherit?

Mr O’Farrell suggested: “It is hard to ascertain which heirlooms Lilibet could inherit, apart from the pieces that already exist in Harry and Meghan’s collection.”

The expert expanded on Diana’s jewels that Meghan already has in her collection.

Mr O’Farrell added: “To the best of public knowledge, Meghan has inherited Diana’s dainty gold butterfly studs encrusted with diamonds and blue stones that Princess Diana wore on a trip to Canada in 1986.

“Meghan has also inherited Diana’s gold and cabochon sapphire cuff worth over £20,000.

“Also, the Duchess has a Cartier diamond tennis bracelet worth over £17,000 and Diana’s famous Cartier Tank watch worth over £17,000.

“This was gifted to her for her 21st birthday,” the expert noted.

What is the sentimentality around the Cartier Tank watch?

Mr O’Farrell explained: “The Cartier Tank watch is one of Diana’s most coveted heirlooms.

“It was originally allocated to Prince William who swapped it for Diana’s sapphire engagement ring that was originally allocated to Prince Harry. 

“It would be worth over £500,000 today.”

How does Meghan pay tribute to Princess Diana with her style?

Mr O’Farrell opined: “Meghan has often paid fond tributes to Diana by wearing the late Princess’ jewellery on many special occasions. 

“Her gold engagement ring designed by Prince Harry is very special indeed.

“This is because its central diamond, sourced by Harry from Botswana, is flanked on both sides by two smaller diamonds from her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana’s own collection. 

“Prince Harry’s heartwarming purpose behind the stones was so that his mother could always be present with them on their ‘crazy journey together’. 

“A ring of such priceless significance is worth over £120,000.”

What other jewellery does Meghan have that belonged to Diana?

Mr O’Farrell claimed: “Meghan even wore Diana’s iconic aquamarine ring as her ‘something blue’ to her wedding reception in 2018. 

“Designed by Asprey, the ring is set in 24-carat gold and features a massive emerald-cut aquamarine of potentially over 30 carats, flanked by smaller solitaire diamonds.

“This priceless heirloom that matched Princess Diana’s eyes is well worth over £75,000.”

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