Man transforms grotty house thick with mould & grime using bargain cleaners & the pictures speak for themselves

A BLOKE have revealed how they transformed a grotty house that was thick with mould and grime using bargain cleaning products.

Taking to the Facebook group Cleaning Tips & Tricks he shared the amazing before and after photos.

He explained how the owners had planned to replace the shower, as well as other appliances in the home before he had a chance to clean it.

Before the clean the shower was caked in mould, while the walls of the bathroom were stained orange.

Captioning the snaps, he wrote: “The owners were going to replace it, but we told them we could get it clean. Challenge accepted.”

The cleaning fan explained how he used The Works Tub & Shower cleaner to remove the grime before scrubbing with Magic Erasers, which cost £3 for two on Amazon, to scrub the area.

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The result left the bathroom looking sparkling clean, with many fellow group members convinced they were looking at a new suite.

However, this was not the only area he tackled.

The fridge was in serious need of a spritz and the living room carpet had dulled to a grey.

But he was able to breathe new life into those areas too using a pressure washer to restore the aging carpets to their former glory.

Fellow group members were amazed by the transformation, lauding the cleaner with praise in the comments.

“That’s amazing!” wrote one, with another agreeing, “You did a fantastic job.”

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