Man cuts wife’s hair using spirit level and people can’t believe the result

LOCKDOWN saw plenty of people get creative when it came to giving themselves a DIY haircut in order to freshen up their locks, with many turning to their partners and handing them the scissors.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and one woman left people shocked as she revealed how her partner delved into his toolbox to arm himself before tackling her split ends.

TikTok user Rambo Ave shared a video of her "handy man husband" to cut her hair for her and people can't believe the finished result.

Wanting to even out her ends, she trusted her partner to tackle her locks for her and to do so, he dug out his spirit level to make sure he was cutting in a straight line.

She joked: "Asked my handy man husband to cut my hair… is that a f***ing level?"

Stepping up to the task, he was seen holding up the spirit level to his wife's back and assessing where he needed to start trimming.

He combed through her hair and went back and forth with the level, before amazingly cutting her hair freehand without his trusty tool for guidance.

In the end, he didn't do too bad a job, with his wife left impressed as she claimed he'd "nailed it".

The couple's video has been watched over 241k times online, with hundreds left shocked over how neat the finished result was.

"The fact he put this much effort in is beyond," said one person.

Another amused viewer said: "Lmao with the level. Mine would do the same, while a third posted: "He takes out a level HAHAHA."

One more shared: "Wow fair play to him!! The spirit level, brilliant!!"

A hair stylist couldn't believe how neat a job the guy had done, as they commented: "Damn I'm a hair stylist and I'm hella impressed (sic)."

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