Kim Kardashian has proved she's already White House ready as Kanye runs for president

KIM Kardashian West will have the perfect wardrobe if her hubby Kanye achieves his dream of becoming US president.

The rapper announced his plan this week but his reality TV star wife, who boasts 178million Instagram followers, seems to have been gearing up for the role of First Lady already.

A look back at Kim’s more conservative outfits shows she has been dressing like the wives of presidents for years.

Jenny Francis looks at some of Kim’s copy-cat clothes and Body Language expert Judi James reveals their message.

White is Kim's Trump card

JUDI says: “Choosing an all-white outfit like Donald Trump’s wife Melania is very powerful.

“White signifies goodness and purity and this is a message the former model often needs to portray when she is on the arm of her husband, who has been at the centre of many scandals.

“Kim is married to an outspoken, controversial rapper, so this could be useful to her.”

Don't mess with military Melania

JUDI says: “This outfit is a clear nod to the military and power.

"Both Melania and Kim are suggesting that, while they may dress in beautiful ball gowns at big events, when it is day-to-day life, they mean business.

“The outfit portrays tough resilience and an ability to fight your own corner if necessary. There is no messing around when it comes to running the country.”

As swell as 'Chelle in blue

JUDI says: “Men at the top wear shirts and power ties. Here Michelle makes the same statement with the ultimate piece of bling jewellery.

"It screams wealth, security and power.

"While bare shoulders give the outfit some edge, Michelle and Kim are ultimately showing they can hold up the weight of responsibility of the nation.”

'Kim rarely misses the mark'

By Nana Acheampong, Fabulous Shopping Editor and celebrity stylist

SAY what you will about Kim Kardashian West but she rarely misses the mark when it comes to fashion.

You also cannot deny how incredible her figure is and, my gosh, does she know how to dress those famous curves.

Even when Kim does get it wrong with an outfit, her body looks on point. I would like to think I would look as buff with a selection of personal trainers, nutritionists and private chefs at my disposal.

But 99 per cent of the time I think Mrs Kardashian West has her look locked down, and it’s not surprising when her husband is so fashion-savvy and she has a conveyor belt of stylists to choose from.

Most recently she has been working with life-long friend Simone Harouche, who has also dressed the likes of Miley Cyrus and Nicole Richie.

But Kanye will always be Kim’s go-to stylist, given he is responsible for her fashion overhaul in the early days of their relationship.

She told how she cried after the rapper worked his way through her wardrobe, chucking anything he deemed “uncool” and leaving a pile that reached the ceiling.

If, or when, it is time to take on the role of First Lady, I know Kim will be ready to slay at every occasion. I can only imagine what she would wear to the inauguration ceremony.

And as you can see on these pages, It seems Kim has already been in training for this role with some of her previous looks emulating First Ladies including Michelle Obama and Laura Bush.

There is no doubt Kanye and Kim would be the most stylish residents to have ever lived at the White House.

Power dressing like Mrs Obama

JUDI says: “Here is a classic First Lady outfit from Michelle.

“Everyone knows both Barack’s wife and Kim have wonderful curves, but by keeping them under wraps they are saying, ‘We have power and confidence but we also know when to use it’.

“By dressing in all beige, no particular set is being highlighted. It’s a subtle but significant power-dressing move from them both.”

Hillary and Kim strike gold

JUDI says: “Hillary Clinton and Kim opt for gold, the colour of ultimate luxury.

“It is a rare choice of colour so, when worn correctly, it is powerful. It oozes expense and royalty and says, ‘I belong in the very highest ranks’.

“It shows a confidence in oneself that verges on arrogance, something many world leaders – including Hillary’s husband Bill – choose to portray.”

Laura's a First Lady in red

JUDI says: “Red lace has long been associated with lingerie so it is a brave choice for George Bush’s wife, Laura.

“Translating red lace from underwear to a dress for a formal occasion is intentionally provocative, as it upstages every other colour in the room.

“It is also a colour of extreme passion, which is important when you want people to believe in you and your principles.”

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