I've put up a fence to protect my privacy – it blocks my neighbour's view of MY garden & now they're fuming with me | The Sun

A WOMAN who put up a fence for privacy purposes has told how her neighbour was left fuming because it blocks his view of her garden.

The anonymous woman took to Reddit where she vented her frustration under a post captioned: "AITA for putting a fence up that blocks my neighbour’s view?"

She explained: "My neighbour has a VERY small back yard (but very large front yard). "

Their back patio and fire pit are feet away from our property line. I have always wanted more privacy in general for my backyard as it’s totally open all around."

We put up a fence along the side of the yard that butts up to the neighbour’s small back yard, and are going to plant privacy trees along other parts of our yard."

She went on to say that the fence will help many things – mainly privacy and keeping her young kids from running around to the front of the house.


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She added that her main concern is that the fence is 6’ and blocks her neighbour's view of her backyard, making them feel "boxed in."

The woman continued: "As the fence was being built, our neighbour heard about it (they are out of town), and called the city zoning inspector – claiming that the fence was too close to his property (he must have been sent a picture by a house sitter)."

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According to the zoning inspector, our neighbour was more than displeased.

The inspector came out and discovered that our fence is 5’ off the property line – the minimum is 3’ so we are in the clear by two whole feet."

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She continued: As the inspector was measuring, he discovered that our neighbour built a fire pit a few years ago that is sitting partially on my property, in violation of the zoning ordinance."

I really don’t care and am not going to say anything to the homeowners…as long as their fires don’t burn down our fence."

The woman noted that she sent her neighbour a text to give them a heads up before the fence was built, but said they're out of town and haven't responded to her messages.

Now, the neighbour has taken to the social forum page to ask whether she was wrong for making the decision to install the fence.

"NTA. Your property, your choice. They don't need a view into your backyard. That's ridiculous," wrote one.

A second agreed: "Nta. Block their view of your property. Sounds like a pain to live next door to."

A third noted: "NTA. And if the neighbour raises a stink when they return, tell them you are in the clear but should they persist in their complaints, you WILL have them remove their fire pit from YOUR property."

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Meanwhile, another added: "Your property, up to you what you do."

I wouldn't care if a fence blocked my neighbours view of my garden, I'd hope they has better things to look at."

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