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WITH Brits up and down the country bracing for a harsh winter and possibly some snow nights.

We’re all looking for ways to keep as warm as possible without breaking the bank.

In some instances you may be left with power and you have to adapt fast.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation here are some tips for you.

Lauren Konarek was living in Texas when she lost all heating, water and electricity in below freezing temperatures.

She shared a video online with tips for how her and her family survived.

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I’ve done a whole winter without heating – eight tips for staying warm

Lauren said: “Survival tips we’ve learned the past four days with no heat, no water below freezing temps.”

First layering up.

She said: “Tip one, bundle up, layer your clothes.”

Next blocking cold air out.

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Lauren said: ”Tip two, cover all windows and doors with towels or blankets to prevent heat loss and add insulation with whatever you can.”

Next Lauren shared a tip for fire maintenance.

She said: “Tip three, let your fire die doen as long as you can during today so you can scoop the shaes and make a new one, save your wood for night.”

And Lauren shared a side tip.

She said: “Also dry your cold/snowy clothes and boots by the fire.” 

Lauren shares an essential tip for dealing with no water.

She said: “Tip four fill bathtubs with water so you can flush toilets. Melt snow if you don’t have water .”

Lauren said: “Put water in your bathtub so that you can flush your toilets keep a bucket handy  so you can put it in the toilet, use snow if you dont have water melt it down put it in your tub.”

Next restrict airflow in your house.

Lauren said: “Keep all doors shut so that your house can stay insulated.”

And one final tip for staying warm in the night. 

Lauren said: “This may be the best tip yet: sleep in a tent by the fire. Add blankets on top for more insulation. This has been the best at keeping us warm.“

Lauren’s video went viral with over 1.7 million views. 

Viewers shared more tips and sent best wishes to Lauren and fher family with getting water and power back.

One commenrer said: “Tape clear plastic to your windows. Helps with insulation.”

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A second commenter said: “I am so so sorry you are going through this. Wishing you love and safety.”

Another commenter said: “You can light candles around your house and it will help produce at least a little bit of heat to help.”

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