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Another day, another nauseatingly self-serving whiny trailer from royal renegades Meghan and Harry for their upcoming Netflix trash-a-thon of their family.

And once again our two favourite downtrodden oppressed victims ramp up the cynical, manipulative amateur dramatics to try and make us think they’re courageous heroes defending themselves from horrible aggressors at Buckingham Palace and among the British media.

It’s all there, from the fake tears – remember that Meghan once showed us how, thanks to her actress training, she can cry at the drop of a tiara? – to the faux torment and anguish that they’ve already wailed about so many times I can almost mutter the lines as they sob and fume them.

The trailer even flashes up imagery of Princess Diana to try, once again, to directly link and compare the two women. Yet Diana was a hundred times more famous, pursued, and beloved, than Markle’s ever been or ever will be.

And given all his bleating about privacy and the media trading off Diana and the royals, it’s hard to imagine a worse kind of grotesquely hypocritical exploitation than Harry now brazenly using his dead mother to flog a reality kiss-and-tell TV series because he needs to justify the Netflix gazillions.

Lest there be any doubt that this series is just going to be one massive troll of everyone who’s ever dared to criticise their greedy ruthless two-faced nonsense, proof comes in an audio clip in this second trailer in which a commentator gushes about Markle in the build-up to their wedding: ‘She’s becoming a royal rock star!’

That commentator was me, and the fact they’ve used my quote is proof that contrary to popular myth promoted by Markle’s allies, I – like the rest of the media – was very positive towards her and Harry until their behaviour became increasingly ridiculous and hypocritical.


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The couple’s main targets, though, are not just the media that they’ve always liked to use for self-promotional purposes when it suits them and abuse when anyone dares say anything they dislike – but their own family.

‘There’s a hierarchy of the family…’ says Harry, his eyes glaring with bitterness that he’s never been an immediate heir to the throne.

‘There was leaking, but there was also planting of stories,’ he adds, implying the royals were using the media to brief against him and his wife.

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One friend then says: ‘There was a war against Meghan to suit other people’s agendas.’

And another contributor clarifies: ‘It’s about hatred, it’s about race.’

The overall message is clear: the Royal Family and British media are a bunch of nasty, uncaring racists who made their lives hell.

But that’s just a vile lie, perpetrated by two people who just wanted to quit royal duty for a life of celebrity luxury in California, funded by trading off the royal status they profess to despise.

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The latest trailer concludes with Harry saying: ‘No one knows the full truth. We know the full truth.’

Oh please.

These two deluded narcissists wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped them round their smug little privileged chops.

To date, at least 17 claims they made in the Oprah interview have been proved to be total rubbish.

And they’ve already been caught lying in their first trailer for this Netflix series by showing a pack of paparazzi supposedly hounding them when in fact, the photo was taken at a Harry Potter premiere five years before they even met!

At one point in the trailer, Harry sneers: ‘It’s a dirty game.’

Yes, it is.

In fact, I can’t think of a dirtier game than a rich, spoiled brat son constantly publicly trashing his father and the rest of his family, just to make even more money.

And doing it now just three months after the death of the Royal Family’s matriarch, Queen Elizabeth II, is even more disgusting.

Poor King Charles and Prince William must be at their wit’s end.

I know I would be if any of my sons or brothers did this to me.

All they can do is wait for the latest sickening barrage to be broadcast and as with the Oprah onslaught, silently attempt to pick up the reputation-shredding pieces in the aftermath. 

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And all the rest of us can do is watch in mounting horror as the Sussexes continue to do their damnedest to bring down the Monarchy and irrevocably tarnish Britain’s image abroad.

It’s a wretched, despicable situation.

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