Incredible mum hack shows how to keep tots entertained on long car journeys with simple plastic bag trick

WE all know how tough it is to keep young kids entertained for long car journeys – and with a summer full of staycations on the horizon, it’s never been more important to keep the kids quiet in the back seat.

This mum has thought of a brilliant hack to make sure young kids are kept happy, and parents can drive in peace.

Tiktok user Whitney shared the hack and impressed her viewers with just how easy the technique is.

Firstly, you have to get a normal zip-lock bag and pop your tablet inside with some child-friendly content playing on the screen.

Then, simply punch two holes in the bag and hang it from the two posts attached to your car seat headrest. 

This way, your child can watch to their heart’s content, without accidentally turning off the tablet every two minutes.

It’s the cheapest way to make sure your electronics stay in sight, but out of harm’s way.

The video has accumulated over 400,000 likes and commenters cannot get enough of the idea, with many saying they can’t wait to try it for themselves.

“Going on a road trip next weekend and this is a great and cheap idea!!!”, said one viewer.

Another wrote: “You kidding me… you KIDDING me right now… where has this hack been for the last… FOREVER?”

One commenter said the hack saved them money: “This is GENIUS considering I was gonna spend $30 for a tablet holder.”

Another just couldn’t believe the simplicity of the hack: “WHAT!! You’ve literally saved my life! The amount of times my little one turns it off whilst holding it”

“How did I drive six hours without this!!!! Thank you for next time”, wrote one viewer.

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