I'm such a good catfish people think I've got a daughter I've roped in to my videos – they’re definitely both me | The Sun

HER incredible transformation videos have earned her over 25 million likes on TikTok.

But Chloe's makeovers are so staggering that she also faces accusations that she's got a daughter she ropes into her videos to trick people.

In a recent clip on her social media page, Chloe showed herself without make-up as she wrote some of the comments she receives most regularly over the top.

"WTF just happened", "there's no way you're the same person" and "that has to be her mum" were some of the remarks, with Chloe laughing in the clip.

She then showed herself as she looked with a full face of make-up and her hair done, with flawless skin, doe eyes and a full pout.

"I’m just really ugly without makeup I guess lol," she captioned her video.

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Despite Chloe hitting back at the doubters, they still flooded the comments section of the video to once again question whether or not she was the same person in both the before and after.

"No way this is the same person," one wrote.

"mother daughter," another insisted.

While a third commented: "Are you mum & daughter? Cos that change is some right witchcraft darling."

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But others praised Chloe for her incredible make-up skills.

"I love they can’t tell it’s really you both times," one wrote.

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"I believe it is her. I look wayyy different w/ out makeup lol," another added.

As a third laughed: "You’d sue her under the trade descriptions the next morning."

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