I’m plus-size – how to fake a flat belly using a Walmart bargain & by simply changing the height of your waistband | The Sun

FROM cardio to diets, people try everything to flatten their stomachs.

A TikToker shared her fashion tip for creating the illusion of a toned belly.

TikTok user Alicia Austin shared her easy hack for faking a flat stomach.

Alicia detailed "how to contour your body like you contour your face."

First, she recommended investing in a control garment, preferably leggings.

"Walmart has really nice compression leggings that help hold your stomach in, snatch your waist, and smooth out your legs," she told her viewers.

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For her next step, the influencer advised her audience to rethink the style of pants they wear.

"Instead of choosing pants that stop at your natural waist line, try high waist pants that stop at the smallest part of your waist line," she said.

Alicia explained: "Making your body look longer gives the illusion that your stomach isn’t very wide.

"Add a little more length with a good pair of heels and a full length jacket with a belt to hide any rolls and reinforce our fake shape," she added.

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Alicia's followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the fashion hack.

"Love this informational video. I've got to get those compression bottoms," wrote one user.

Another viewer said: "I have this exact issue and I’ve never seen someone post about it! Thank you!"

"Why is this not viral?" asked a third person.

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