I’m plus size & got 'dress coded' at a restaurant for wearing a crop top… but thinner women in similar tops were let in | The Sun

A WOMAN who got dress coded at a restaurant for wearing a crop top has claimed she was discriminated against for being a "chubby Hispanic".

Ana took to TikTok to recall the situation, which saw her turned away from Phil’s Italian Steak House at the Treasure Island hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

"So I was not allowed inside the dining room of a restaurant because I was not following ‘dress code’," she wrote over a video on the social media site.

"Excuse me, that person in there is wearing a similar outfit as me.

"Fatphobic much?"

In the clip, she showed herself in a black crop top and jeans, before showing a blonde woman inside the restaurant in a similarly skimpy top.

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She continued to explain the situation in a storytime on TikTok, as she said that she decided to dress "casual but cute" because she was going to go out for drinks after going to a Jonas Brothers concert with her friend.

"She told me when we were getting ready that she had a headache and she needed to get something to eat before we went to the concert," Ana said.

They then went down to the steakhouse inside the hotel, where they were staying, and Ana asked the hostess at the restaurant if they needed a reservation.

"I asked her, because it was basically completely empty inside the restaurant, but I still was polite and asked her if we needed a reservation," she said.

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"She mentioned that we did not need a reservation however I was not following dress code so I would not be allowed to go inside.

"She then started gesturing… she’s like ‘It’s because your shoulders are exposed, your shoulders, and we need those covered. You cannot go into the dining room area and have your shoulders exposed.’

"So I’m like, ‘Oh ok, yes I definitely understand’.

"And then she looks down and she’s like, ‘Oh, and…yeah, no.’

"And I was like, ‘Oh my midriff?’ And then I look down and saw she was pointing at my stomach."

At that point, Ana noted a sign on the desk, which indicated that diners needed to wear "semi-formal attire" to be allowed into the eatery.

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"So we were walking out and then I turned to look into the dining area and then I see that lady get up…" she said, referring to the blonde woman in the crop top.

"They were let in wearing almost the exact same thing I was wearing but I was not let in."

Ana went on to show a variety of pictures of other people in the restaurant, many of which had been shared on social media.

As well as men in shorts and trainers, and women in leggings, there was a woman wearing a strappy black top – which showed her exposed shoulders as well as a tonne of cleavage.

"The girl with the stringy black top! How was she allowed but not you?" one person commented on the video.

"Exactly what I said," Ana replied.

"Now I feel that they were discriminating because I am a chubby Hispanic woman."

She added in another video: "I’ve contacted management, I’m speaking to them about the matter.

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"They were very apologetic and say that the standards or dress codes should be followed for everyone."

Fabulous has also contacted Phil's Steak House for comment.

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