I’m desperate to get my thin post-baby hair back – people troll me for hacking into my locks, but I won’t stop | The Sun

ONE of the joys of having a baby is seeing the astounding ways your body changes.

Jelly bellies, hair falling out in handfuls and the constant question as to what your boobs will do next is part of it all.

And one woman who was so in love with her thin post-baby hair has shared the extreme lengths she goes to get it back.

Claire Edwards decided to get creative with a pair of thinning scissors in order to get her ideal texture back. 

Almost seven million people have tuned in to watch the young mum work her magic in her bathroom, but they’re all saying the same thing.

Claire, who calls herself theclairenecessities on TikTok, captioned her clip: “Trigger happy with thinning shears.”

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She propped her phone up against her bathroom mirror before getting to work. 

In the video, Claire wears an oversized grey t-shirt and lets her long blonde hair fall down her back. 

Text over the image reads: “POV you kinda miss your postpartum hair loss.” 

Claire sections her hair, clipping a large portion on top of her head. She then pulls a strand away from her head and keeps it taut before cutting it multiple times close to her roots. 

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The sound of her scissors cut through the silence.

After chopping into each section, she brushes her hair downwards to remove the excess. 

When her brush reaches her ends, Claire holds it up and pulls away big clumps of hair before continuing her chopping mission all the way around her head. 

When she’s done, Claire smooths her locks over her shoulders and then holds up a huge pile of discarded hair the size of a small dog. 

Claire confesses in the comments section: “I want fine silky hair so bad.” 

But other women are mortified.

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“Meanwhile I’m here struggling with hair loss,” shared one miserable mum. 

“I simply cannot relate,” said a second. 

“And I’m crying because I’ve got three spaghettis on my head,” admitted a third. 

A fourth declared: “This has to be a crime.”

While the majority of mums say they’d love to have Claire’s problem and consider their thin postpartum hair a nightmare, a few like-minded ladies have supported her view.

“Girl same. Takes me 30 minutes to dry my hair. About to pull that trigger too,” a viewer confessed. 

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“But the way it’s sooo soft and smooth after using thinning shears! Chef’s kiss!” exclaimed another. 

Alongside her mum-themed TikTok clips, Claire also shares life hacks, recipes and DIY Christmas decorating tips to see us through the holiday season.

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